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Asda sells white roses this Valentine's Day for patriotic Yorkshire men

Yorkshire men can't bring themselves to buy red roses for Valentines Day

February 10, 2017 11:55am
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Yorkshire White Rose

In a bid to keep romance alive across the county, Leeds-based supermarket chain Asda is selling bouquets of white roses across its Yorkshire stores this Valentine’s Day, as it’s understood that patriotic Yorkshire folk are refusing to buy red roses as they are associated with rival county Lancashire.

It may have been over five centuries ago, but apparently some Yorkshire-men have not forgotten the ‘War of the Roses’, the historic conflict between the red House of Lancaster and the white House of York, as well as those passionate local football & rugby rivalries with teams across the Pennines.

Asda will still continue to sell red roses in Yorkshire as they are interpreted as the ultimate expression of romance and abiding love, but the retailer expects the white rose alternative to prove more popular with people who are patriotic about the county.

Already a symbol of the county, the alternative white Valentine’s Day rose will be on sale at Asda stores across Yorkshire, including: Leeds, Pontefract, Castleford, Bradford, York, Keighley, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Barnsley and Doncaster to name a few.

Lucy Grieve, Asda’s Flower Planner said: “Being based in Leeds we know how patriotic our customers in Yorkshire are about their county, so for Valentine’s Day we wanted to sell a special white bouquet so that couples can show their love for one-another and celebrate their love for Yorkshire at the same time – a real win, win!”

Priced at £5 for 16 stems, the white roses are on sale now – and have already received a positive response from customers:

Olly Thackray, a shopper at Asda Harrogate in North Yorkshire, said: “This is a great idea! I’m Yorkshire through and through, but I’ve never bought roses before – I think maybe it was a subconscious thing, and the thought of buying a red rose perhaps just didn’t sit too well with me.
“There’s still a bit of rivalry with Lancashire and Yorkshire, with the cricket, rugby and football teams especially, but it’s more of a sense of local pride than anything else.
“Either way though, I know my Mrs will absolutely love that I’ve got her some flowers for Valentine’s as she’s never had any from me before – and I’ll be happy because they are white roses just for Yorkshire!”

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