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Meet Shivaun, Asda’s pancake maker extraordinaire, who flips 280 pancakes every hour

Pancake Day Baker

· Shivaun Smalley from Pilsworth Asda Superstore has flipped over 2million* pancakes since her first day at the supermarket

· The perfect pancake is 7 inches in diameter and 1-inch-thick, with fillings evenly distributed

· Asda pancake sales soar a whopping 500% on Pancake Day and 1,200 tonnes of pancakes are sold in Pancake Day week alone

A perfect pancake flip is a highly coveted skill, but it appears the nation could use some help, as memes, videos and images of epic pancake flip fails continue to flood the likes of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube on Pancake Day. Asda’s expert Pancake Flipper, Shivaun Smalley, has developed the perfect technique to help impress friends and family with a bit of flair on Shrove Tuesday.

For the last four years, 45-year-old Shivaun has been perfecting her technique in the Bakery at Asda Pilsworth Superstore, making over 2million pancakes in that time. From white chocolate to lemon and fruit pancakes, she is responsible for mixing and flipping them all to ensure they are the epitome of pancake perfection.

Shivaun is known amongst her Asda colleagues for being able to make delicious pancakes at the speed of light, with flipping credentials that would give even Paul Hollywood a run for his money:

· 28 pancakes made at one time
· 6 minutes for each batch of 28
· 280 pancakes made per hour
· 224kg of pancakes made per hour**
· 1.8 tonnes of pancakes made by Shivaun in one working day

Shivaun says, “The secret to flipping the perfect pancake is patience, a non-stick frying pan and a quick flick of the wrist. As they say, practice makes perfect, and it took a fair bit of trial and error to perfect my craft - I once threw a pancake so high it stuck to the ceiling!”

The former nail technician, swapped her nail polish for pancake batter after her son, a former Pilsworth Asda employee, suggested she apply for the role. She then took to the hot plate like a duck to water, making not only pancakes but potato cakes, loaf cake, macaroons and muffins as well.

The Heywood resident says her dream flavour of pancake would be Strawberries and Cream or Chocolate Orange, but on Pancake Day she will be tucking in to classic fluffy pancakes with lots of sugar and lemon. She insists it will be a team effort at her house, with her husband and son also getting in on the action, although she tends to oversee the flipping to ensure pancakes on the floor are kept to a minimum.

Shivaun continues, “My Asda favourite is the Baker’s Selection Milk Chocolate Pancakes, however I am very particular when it comes to specifications. For a pancake to be perfect it must have that inviting golden brown colour, be 7 inches in diameter and 1-inch-thick, with 10 chocolate chips evenly spread across the pancake. Try using a 7inch non-stick frying pan and sprinkle the chocolate chips onto the batter just after it’s been poured into the pan, rather than mixing in beforehand. This will give you that lovely even distribution to ensure a taste of delicious chocolate with every bite. Then, fry for just one minute on each side for a beautiful golden hue.”

Asda’s pancake sales soar 500% in the lead up to Pancake Day with 122 tonnes of pancakes sold in Pancake Day week alone. Asda’s expert bakers work at flipping fast speed during this time, with 560,000 flips every Pancake Day, resulting in 112,000 scrumptious packs of pancakes for Asda customers.