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Tasty treats and seasonal goodies have Asda customers jumping for joy this Easter

April 13, 2017 08:49am
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As families up and down the country get ready for the long Easter weekend, customers have been snapping up this year’s Easter selection from Asda. Hot cross buns, bunny crumpets and Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes are hopping off the shelves as families make the most of an opportunity to celebrate together and enjoy a visit from the Easter bunny.

Own brand ranges are seeing steady growth in 2017, with the latest data from Kantar showing a 4.4% increase in sales year on year. Asda is expecting to see its own ranges, such as Extra Special, increase sales by 40% this Easter as big kids indulge in premium eggs.

Here’s a flavour of what the nation will be enjoying this Easter from Asda:

  • Over 42 million Hot Cross Buns will be sliced, toasted and buttered by Sunday

  • 2.4 million Bunny Crumpets will have hopped out of toasters

  • 2.2 million novelty egg hunt kits will be used by Asda customers

  • A whopping 115 tonnes of chocolate or 40 million treats will be enjoyed this Easter weekend by Asda customers

  • 75,000 Extra Special chocolate eggs are set to fly off the shelves

  • What’s more, Asda has UK-sourced seasonal veg for customers to enjoy including carrots, parsnips, leeks, spring greens and swede for just 20p this weekend

As customers hop into the weekend full of excitement for the Easter celebrations, they’ll be pleased to hear Asda stores will be filled to the brim with plenty of treats to go around – just in time for a last minute Easter bunny to hide them in the garden!

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