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Scottish Breweries Say Cheers To New Asda Listing

Asda adds a further 25 craft beer lines to its shelves from 10 Scottish craft beer suppliers

May 24, 2017 11:20am
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With customer demand for craft beer growing, Asda has today announced it is massively extending its craft beer offering across Scottish stores, after collaborating with 10 breweries to bring an additional 25 new lines to its shelves, with a contract value of £875k between them all.

For five breweries; Black Isle, St Andrews, Bellfield, Tempest and Alchemey this is their first listing with Asda after being recruited through the supermarkets relationship with Craft Beer Clan, bringing an additional 12 new product lines on shelf.

The other five breweries are celebrating after seeing their ranges extended include Deeside Brewery, who’s Lager 500ml is exclusive to Asda, Belhaven Brewery, Wooha, Lerwick and Heather Ale Williams Bros.

The new deals mean that Asda stores across Scotland will now stock over 100 Scottish beers, ales and ciders, as customers look for more premium drinking experiences from local brands.

Asda has worked closely with the Craft Beer Clan, utilising their expertise in the market and Scottish brewery contacts to secure a range of unique beers that offer customers drink experiences with authenticity.

The majority of the new lines will be available in 330ml format, as the smaller single serve bottles and cans soar in popularity. It’s not as simple as transferring existing brands into smaller packaging; it’s about creating new, exciting and innovative products, which can be seen by the new variants being stocked on Asda shelves.

Asda has set its sights on becoming the biggest craft beer retailer in the UK, and with 100 plus breweries in Scotland alone, it’s clear the demand for Scottish real ale and craft beer is still bubbling away. Particularly for the 10 Scottish breweries who are all celebrating after securing impressive new deals with Asda to stock a variety of beers in stores across Scotland.

Heather Turnbull, Asda’s regional buying manager for Scotland, said: “The craft beer culture continues to grow, and it’s clear customers are trading up to more premium beers, particularly ones which come from local brands.

“The new lines we have launched are all premium quality and will give customers a more local choice, with a variety of flavours to suit every palate and occasion.”

Rob Craddock, sales director at Belhaven, said: “We use Scottish ingredients to brew flavour-packed beers that we know drinkers will enjoy, so we are delighted that our new lines will be arriving into Asda stores across Scotland. Interest in craft beer continues to rise and three of our beers to achieve this major supermarket listing – Intergalactic Dry Hop Lager, Twisted Thistle IPA and Twisted Grapefruit IPA – also recently picked up prestigious Monde awards, so this deal comes at a real high point for the brewery.

“The support from Asda and from consumers for brewers who have genuine provenance, and who really deliver on the flavour and quality of their beers, means it’s an exciting time for us and for Scottish craft brewing as a whole.”
Chris Miller, director at the Craft Beer Clan of Scotland, said: “The Craft Beer Clan works hard to promote Scottish craft beer at home and abroad, and it's fantastic we’ve been able to work with a major retailer such as Asda.

“The craft brewing sector is renowned for its collaborations, so to be able to bring so many new brand listings to the supermarket stores across Scotland has been a great opportunity as we continue to build on Scotland's reputation as a world-class producer of drink.”

Brewgooder, a craft beer label that donates 100% of its profits to clean water charities around the world, is also celebrating after securing a further deal with Asda to stock its Clean Water Lager at a further 171 stores across the UK, making it 357 stores in total.

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