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Burger Day

- Two thirds of the nation buy over 6 varieties of food to grill on their BBQ - Over a quarter of Brits BBQ in the rain - 1 in 5 Brits consider BBQing a competitive sport

Brits take such pride in their BBQ’s they are spending up to 28 hours preparing for them - more time than the traditional roast dinner (56%), dinner party (20%) and Christmas dinner (9%).

And it’s no wonder they’re taking so long to prepare. When it comes to our BBQ repertoires, it’s no longer just about traditional bangers and burgers – 78% of Brits admit they are more adventurous and experimental on the grill than ever before, according to the research from Asda. As we broaden our BBQing horizons, marinated chicken kebabs (40%), lamb (27%), veggie burgers (23%), halloumi (22%) and prawns (18%) are all experiencing sizzling sales.

Asda sales of chicken tikka and chicken & chorizo kebabs have come out on top as two of the best-selling BBQ lines this year, showcasing our desire to sear something a little different this BBQ season.

Testament to our burning barby passion, the research from Asda reveals that Brits fire up their grills at least 7 times during summer. And we’re not deterred by the unpredictable British weather – over a quarter of Brits (29%) reveal they even BBQ in the rain.

British BBQing bravado is also at an all-time high as 1 in 5 (21%) admit they consider BBQing a competitive sport and nearly two thirds (60%) confess they are extremely overprotective of their BBQ’s. But it doesn’t stop there, the battle of the BBQ is heating up – nearly two thirds (60%) of Brits admit they ‘steal’ grilling ideas and over a third (35%) want to one-up their mates.

Mark Richmond, ‎Head Innovation Development Chef at Asda said: “We’re seeing just how much the humble BBQ has evolved. Grilling has escalated to a whole new level, with customers becoming more and more daring with what goes on their barby and the research shows us why – Brits want to get one over their mates and are committed to putting on the most show stopping BBQ of all this summer.”

The top 5 BBQ trends this summer

· Smoked meat madness – Hickory, Applewood, Oak, Cherrywood · The Caribbean craze – jerk, mango and coconut marinated meats
· Pulled meat perfection – Pork & Brisket
· Chilli charms – Jalepeno, Chipotle, Ancho, Habanero
South American satisfaction – Chimichurri, Picanha Piri Piri

Your classic BBQ characters:

Gary Grillers: burns everything to a crisp

Debbie Dominators: dominate the grill, don’t go near Debbie’s BBQ

Simon Show Off: always has the newest equipment and most expensive utensils

Healthy Helen: no buns allowed, just meat and salad

Veggie Veronica: don’t touch her halloumi