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Asda’s Best. Christmas. Ever.

‘Tis the season for festive adverts and this Sunday evening (5th November), Asda is set to unveil its offer for 2017 with a journey into the magical world of Asda’s very own Christmas workshop – the Imaginarium.

November 3, 2017 02:46pm
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Asda Imaginarium

The 60 second ad will launch in the first ad break of X Factor on ITV on Sunday night and according to Asda’s Chief Customer Officer, Andy Murray, the idea came from seeing the reaction of Asda customers when they took part in tasting sessions of Asda’s Christmas range.

Murray explains: “Earlier in the year we held sessions with our customers to get feedback on our Christmas range. As we talked to them about Christmas we could see how much joy and happiness planning their Christmas brought them – we knew we wanted to reflect that in our ad. When we saw their reactions to our food – the way it surprised them and made them smile – as well as the incredible pride and attention to detail our product developers had put into creating it, the inspiration for the Imaginarium was born.”

The ad follows a young girl and her grandfather, who stumble across an intriguing and mysterious looking factory. As they sneak through the gates a magical world unfolds before their eyes and they discover Asda’s Christmas Imaginarium.

Eilidh Macaskill, Asda’s Vice President Creative and Media, explains: “By Combining CGI animation and some spectacular real life venues, the Imaginarium is depicted as a maze of rooms containing magical machines and enchanting experiments. From a reindeer powering an enormous food mixer making Christmas puddings, to bite-sized canapes and mince pies being assembled by miniature Imaginarium workers, and Christmas Smash Igloo cakes being tested by strapping weightlifters, the ad is a love letter to our customers and products.”

On their journey the pair discover the secrets behind Asda’s festive ranges. From a giant pop-up Christmas cookbook revealing two Asda chefs preparing a delicious Christmas dinner of roast turkey and Wagyu beef dripping roast potatoes, to an adult-only, futuristic gin room where truffles are being infused with gin by a giant ‘gin laser’ – the ad reinforces the imaginative ways Asda is working to provide the best Christmas ever for its customers.

Andy Murray, adds: “The care and attention that has gone into listening to our customers and creating our Christmas range this year is really impressiveand the Imaginarium is the perfect showcase for the excitement and ethos behind our products. Whatever your age or budget, Christmas is the time of year when you’re open to a little bit of magic and wondermentand I’m really excited that we’ve been able to do our bit to provide that for our customers this year.

In addition to the 60 second ad, Asda will also air four 30 second adverts during the festive period, revealing more mysteries of the Asda Imaginarium and showcasing more of Asda’s food, George clothing and homeware.
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Founded in the 1960s in Yorkshire, Asda is one of Britain’s leading retailers. It has more than 160,000 dedicated Asda colleagues serving customers from 645 stores, including 3 Supercentres, 392 Superstores, 33 Asda Living stores, 155 Supermarkets, 31 depots and seven recycling centres across the UK. Its main office is in Leeds, Yorkshire and its George clothing division is in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. More than 18 million people shop at Asda stores every week and 98 per cent of UK homes are served by www.ASDA.com. Asda joined Walmart, the world’s number one retailer, in 1999.

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