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Asda Helps Love Bloom with Record Number of Roses for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, Asda has picked over 8 million stems to be sold ahead of the most romantic day of the year. With the nation giving roses to more than just their significant other, Asda has introduced an additional seven colours of flower. Asda is expecting more people than ever to be gifted with a bunch of roses this year, as Valentine’s Day falls the same day Lent begins.

By Asda Food and Drink Team

February 12, 2018 01:49pm
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Love is set to blossom for Asda customers this Valentine’s Day, with the supermarket picking a record 8.1 million roses for the big day – an increase of 5% on last year, and enough roses to stretch from London to Finland and back if laid end-to-end.

As a universal symbol of love, roses are a Valentine’s Day staple for any relationship. Today, however, roses are given to and by more than just couples, with singletons now partaking in the romantic tradition, extending bouquets to friends, family and colleagues.

Not only that, with chocolate and alcohol being the top two things people give up for Lent, Asda expects more people than ever will be opting for a floral gift this year, as the first day of Lent also falls on the 14th February.

This year, Asda is introducing an even wider kaleidoscope of rose colours for Valentine’s Day, to meet the growing demand for roses over and above the traditional romantic red. Bouquets in pink, cerise, yellow, orange, white, purple and vibrant multicolour join the rose ranks to ensure the nation can celebrate love for family, friends and more.

Sarah Oliver, Asda rose expert, comments: “Last Valentine’s Day, we sold just over 7.5 million roses, with that number expected to increase this year. With roses being an essential for Valentine’s Day, we want to make sure only the highest-quality, most vibrant blooms are being gifted to loved ones.

“To ensure our roses remain as healthy as possible for the day of love, we work closely with our growers to ensure the proper measures are taken when cropping, watering, transporting and storing the stems ahead of going into store. This way, we can help love bloom and avoid any wilting flowers – and relationships.”

Asda’s roses range from £2 for a single stem to £30 for its Extra Special bouquet, which features 30 stems.

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