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Asda 'Perfect for Proposal' Stickers to Get Shoppers Ripe and Ready... to say Yes!

By Asda Food and Drink Team

February 23, 2018 09:48am
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Avocado Proposal

Asda Clapham creates avocado labelling system to support latest proposal trend
Smashed on toast, blended in a smoothie…assisting with marriage proposals? Avocados have now officially become the most versatile fruit around, with the nation using the fleshy green favourite to pop the question to their *avo-*half. As well as choosing the perfect ring, avocado-enthusiasts must now consider the best avo to use before loved ones can say ‘I avocaDO’.

To help those with the big avo ask, Asda’s store in Clapham has introduced a ‘Perfect for Proposal’ sticker system, labelling the avocados that are ripe to guide loved-up Brits down the aisle – the produce aisle that is – for the most perfect proposal.

The avocados, selected by Adrian Kurzynski,Asda Clapham’s Avocado Expert, are chosen based on an avocado-friendly Four Cs system, designed to reflect the guide diamond experts follow when it comes to ring shopping:

  • Colour - hue is key. If you’re looking for an avocado to propose with immediately, pick one with dark green to purple-y or brown skin

  • Complexion - firm but malleable outer-casing, free from scratches or blemishes, with a bumpy alligator-like skin will look the part. Use the thumbprint test to determine firmness

  • Cut - choose a perfect pear-shaped avocado to slice vertically straight down each side through the middle until you hit the pit, making a symmetrical cut. To extract the pit, slide a spoon between the seed and the fruit, and gently work it out of the flesh, leaving a perfect circle for the ring to take centre-stage

  • Creaminess - a soft, smashable flesh, but not over-ripe, as it will risk mess on the ring. Best to opt for a firm feel to cushion the ring in place and keep it standing proudly

Adrian Kurzynskicomments: “We want to help ready-to-propose customers find the perfect avocado to make loved ones say, ‘I avocaDO’. Whilst all our avocados are of a high quality and perfect for spreading on toast, it takes a keen eye to identify those that embody the Four Cs, so our new labelling system aims to help make the proposal process that much easier for those following the trend.

“From a soft, yet firm avocado to keep the ring in place, to a perfect pear-shape that allows for symmetrical slicing, our ‘Perfect for Proposal’ sticker system will help the increasing number of avocado proposals go as smoothly as the flesh of the fruit they’re holding.”

Asda’s ‘Perfect for Proposal’ avocados will roll-out from today in its Clapham Junction superstore, with prices starting from 50pfor a single avocado.

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