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What constitutes a pie? The nation speaks.

Brits believe a pie is ‘only a pie’ when pastry is on the top, bottom and sides

By Asda Food and Drink Team

March 8, 2018 03:13pm
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A fierce pastry debate during National Pie Week has been resolved, with 61% of Brits believing ‘a pie’ should only be called ‘a pie’ if it contains pastry on the top, bottom and sides.

The new research from Asda has found that Brits don’t class deconstructed pies - with pastry only on the top - or even traditional potato based pies (only 11% say ‘a pie’ can be classed as ‘a pie’ without pastry) – such as Cottage Pies or Shepherd’s Pies – as a traditional pie.

Brits in the North West – home of Wigan’s famous pie eaters – were extremely passionate with 93% of those in the area stating that they only consider pies, as pies, when they are wrapped in pastry.

To satisfy the nation’s positioning on pies, Asda has launched a new range of frozen pies which use fresh pastry, uncooked prior to freezing, making them the closest to homemade as possible. This first bake experience provides a rustic, homemade finish the nation will fall in love with, one bite at a time, taking the fuss out of puff.

With 83% of the nation stating they struggle to create the perfect pastry at home, Asda’s new range ensures an authentic eating experience – top, bottom and side-pastry included.

Victoria Watson, Asda pie product developer, comments: “As a nation, we’re certainly passionate about pies. As a staple in households across the country and often, when we taste a pie, it can take us back to growing up, or being with friends and family. Our frozen pies taste homemade and of course, have pastry on the top, sides and bottom… otherwise it wouldn’t be a proper pie, would it?”

Asda’s range of deep fill frozen pies are available in stores and online with a RRP of £2.50.

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