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More than half UK women consider buying wedding cake from a supermarket

With the average cost of a UK wedding reaching more than £27,000*, new research from Asda reveals 52% of women would consider buying their wedding cake from a supermarket.

Aside from the dress, the cake is one of the central features at any wedding. Used as a focal point for pictures and that all important cutting of the cake moment - the average wedding cake can set couples back by more than £300.

Last week it was reported Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lemon and elderflower wedding cake will cost a whopping £50,000 – an eyewatering price tag that most Brits would wince at.

Asda seasonal cake product developer, Ciara Loker, said, “With the cost of a wedding at an all- time high, it is unsurprising people feel they need to cut costs somewhere.

“The cake is such an important part of the day but weddings can be so expensive and not everyone can afford to spend a huge amount, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a great quality cake.”

Asda’s research also confirms Brits are moving towards more contemporary flavours with only 44% opting for a traditional fruitcake, however when it comes to design we like to stick to a classic look with 61% still opting for a tiered cake over any other variants.

“Flavour-wise, customers are opting for contemporary cakes and as we come into Spring, we’re seeing a rise in the demand for fresher flavours such as lemon” Ciara continued. “This in particular is one of our bestselling flavours so it’s not surprising the royal pair have chosen to go for this.

“We’ve also seen demand for more American-flavours such as cookies and cream and peanut butter – they’d be head-turning choices for any wedding!”

“It’s clear we still want the look of a traditional cake but our flavour palates have moved on and people no longer feel the need to stick with a traditional fruitcake – and pay a hefty price for it!”.