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You Gouda be Kidding!

Asda Reveals the Nation's Ideal Cheeseboard for British Cheese Week, which Includes Cream Cheese

By Asda Food and Drink Team

June 4, 2018 10:51am
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This British Cheese Week, new Asda research* reveals that when it comes to creating cheese boards at home, there’s no easy way to plate it up, as Brits’ attitudes toward what belongs on the board varies from Brie to Burrata.

Research by Asda reveals that whilst 64% of those questioned have served a cheese board at home, and over half (52%) state they prefer a cheese board to a sweet dessert, the types of cheese we want to be serving is causing a wedge between the nation.

Staples including Cheddar (73%), Stilton (52%) and Brie (49%) remain steadfast essentials, but for a third of the nation (33%), they believe Feta should have a place on the cheeseboard. For a further third (32%), it’s time to move-over the Camembert and let Cream Cheese take its spot on the board.

What goes on a cheeseboard isn’t the only thing dividing the nation, with the great butter debate splitting the nation. For 67% of Brits, buttered crackers with cheese is essential, with a third labelling the art of buttered crackers something un-brie-lievable to even fathom.

For those opting for something other than butter, chili jam (30%) and cranberry sauce (21%) are the condiments of choice. Almost 15% of the nation even opts for mayonnaise or mustard with their cheese boards.

An Asda spokesperson comments: “We know our customers love cheese, but when it comes to what should take pride-of-place on homemade cheeseboards, the wedges are cut every which way!

“Whilst cream cheese may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to cheeseboards, the creamy option in a number of flavours and formats has grown in popularity as the nation opts for alternatives to the regular cheeseboard suspects.”

This British Cheese Week, Asda has a range of award-winning cheese, including Extra Special St Endellion Cornish Brie (£1.82), Extra Special Creamy Wensleydale (£2.20) and Asda Blue Stilton (£1.55).

* Asa research, 1,000 respondents, May 31 2018

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