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Asda Introduces New Service To Aid Those With Complex Dietary Needs

This week, Asda, in partnership with Foodmaestro, will introduce a new personalised online nutritional search aid, with a market-first custom filter option, to help customers with complex dietary and lifestyle needs to find the food they want with ease and speed.

By Clair Hufton

June 11, 2018 04:04pm
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In a first for the UK grocery market when it comes to personalisation, the new service introduces ‘custom filters’, making the shopping experience for customers easier by allowing them to filter products identified as matching their diet, lifestyle or nutritional choices.

Available across Asda Online Groceries, customers will be able to select from filters matching several food allergens and intolerances including Nuts, Gluten and Lactose, as well as diets and lifestyles including Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher. New options to sort results by Sugar, Salt, Carbohydrates and Fat have also been introduced. A full list of supported attributes is located here.

Phil Wilkinson, Senior Director Online Grocery, commented “At Asda, we are constantly striving to make shopping more personal and relevant for our customers. Our partnership with Foodmaestro will help us deliver an even better shopping experience for customers with specific dietary and nutritional requirements in their household.

Jaed Khan, CEO Foodmaestro said “Partnering with Asda to aid shoppers and enhance their digital experience, is just another step in making shopping easier and more rewarding. We are extremely excited to be recognised by Asda as their chosen partner”

Foodmaestro work with a number of leading organisations including Coeliac UK, The Anaphylaxis Campaign, Kings College London and Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Lynne Regent, CEO The Anaphylaxis Campaign said “we work closely with Foodmaestro as part of their work to help individuals make appropriate food choices when managing their food allergies. We also work with Asda as part of our ongoing commitment to support customers with complex dietary & lifestyle needs”

The new service launches on Tuesday across the Asda Groceries site and the latest versions of our apps, with data provided by Foodmaestro. Nielsen Brandbank delivers the data to Asda via their Extended Attributes service.

Information on Food Maestro & Nielsen Brandbank

The Foodmaestro mission is to help consumers answer one simple question, “Can I eat this?”. As shoppers are becoming more health conscious, the traditional decisions drivers (Price, Taste & Convenience) are becoming more diluted with shoppers increasingly searching for healthier foods. Over the past 3 years, Foodmaestro has focussed its efforts on producing a platform that uses evidence-based algorithms that have been clinically verified to help people find the right foods.

In addition to partnering with the leading health authorities in the UK, Foodmaestro has also partnered with Nielsen Brandbank to deliver the data to ASDA. The partnership between Nielsen Brandbank and Foodmaestro offers a fantastic opportunity to utilise Nielsen Brandbank's trusted source of verified supplier approved product content and Foodmaestro’s extended attributes to increase the visibility of products online. Nielsen Brandbank provides the most up to date, accurate product information, enriching the omnichannel experience for shoppers.

Foodmaestro is also the platform behind the Coeliac UK Food and Drink directory as well as mobile Gluten Free Food Checker and the Low FODMAP Diet app in partnership with King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, used across the UK in many NHS Trusts.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign are the only UK wide charity that are solely dedicated to supporting people who are at risk of severe allergic reactions. They work closely with Foodmaestro in their efforts to help people manage food allergies, Asda is a Corporate Member of the campaign.

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