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Mango-nificent! Asda sees 20% Sales Growth of Mangoes as the Nation Tucks into the Juicy Tropical Fruit

The retailer today reports a 20% year on year sales increase on whole head and prepared mangoes. Asda works closely with overseas growers to ensure the perfect mango eating experience year round.

By Asda Food and Drink Team

August 24, 2018 09:11am
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Asda has reported a 20% year on year sales increase in whole head and prepared mangoes, with Brits turning to the tropical fruit for their summer spreads and as a part of the growing popularity of South Asian food.

Asda’s mangoes are sourced from different warm, humid climates throughout the year, promising the sweetest fruit for customers year-round. Working closely with growers in Peru, Israel, West-Africa and Brazil, Asda ensures customers have access to ripe, juicy, mangoes through any season, including winter when the fruit sourced from Peru is the perfect eating quality.

Following customer feedback for even sweeter, less fibrous fruit, Asda has worked with its growers to offer popular mango varieties unrivalled in flavour and consistency – Kent and Keitt – which now represent 90% of Asda’s mango sales due to their strong yield. The sweetness of Kent and Keitt make them a popular choice for homemade sauces and chutneys, and as a core ingredient in exotic South Asian stir-fry’s and salads.

A juicy addition to any dish, Asda’s mangoes are cultivated in perfect growing conditions, where temperatures do not drop below 16˚ at night, ensuring year-round consistency and the best-quality fruit for customers.

Also contributing to growing sales is prepared mango, which remains a food-to-go favourite. New processes ensure that harvested mangoes are prepped in their country of origin, just before optimum ripeness, resulting in fruit ready to eat when it hits the shelves, making for the best eating experience possible.

Matt Custance, Asda Mango Buyer says: “We’re committed to working with our growers from around the world to ensure families can enjoy delicious mangoes all year round. As the nation’s love for sweeter fruit grows, we’re proud to offer customers the perfect eating experience and highest quality mangoes whether prepped or whole.”
Matt continues: “For the sweetest mangoes, customers should look for filled out ‘shoulders’ at the top of the fruit around the stem, and freckles on the skin which indicate sweetness. For mangoes that aren’t quite ripe, keep them in the kitchen (18˚- 20˚) for a few days, then store in the fridge for maximum life.”
Asda’s Grower’s Selection Ready to Eat Mangoes (2 pack) are in store and online for £1.89, Grower’s Selection Mango Fingers for £1.25 and Grower’s Selection Mango Chunks for £2.

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