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Asda Grows Record Number of British Watermelons Thanks to Heatwave

The recent heatwave helped Asda’s growers produce more British watermelons than ever before. This year’s harvest marks a 1,230% increase in the number of British watermelons vs 2017. Asda’s grower has also grown 800 bright yellow-fleshed melons thanks to the stellar summer.

By Asda Food and Drink Team

September 13, 2018 04:17pm
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Thanks to the heatwave and tropical-like conditions of the UK’s summer, Asda has grown a mammoth 8,000 British watermelons – the most ever achieved on home soil by a retailer – with the yield a 1,230% increase on last year, which saw a total of 600 melons.

Asda’s expert grower has taken advantage of the consistently sunny, hot weather to replicate conditions in warmer European climates, using polytunnels and insulated soil, so that heat is created naturally, ensuring sweet, quality watermelons for customers.

Weighing on average over 2kg, Asda’s British watermelons are showing sugar levels comparable with those of Spanish producers, with the grower utilising the sun and insulated soil to regulate growing patterns to produce fruit perfect for post-summer eating.

Joe Cottingham, Asda watermelon grower, comments: “Whilst the UK heatwave hasn’t provided perfect growing conditions for some fruit and veg, we’ve been able to help our watermelons thrive, with the long days of sunlight producing super sweet melons.

“With over 8,000 juicy melons grown this year, we’re excited to further explore how we can adopt innovative growing techniques to become even more self-sufficient here in the UK, providing customers with fruit typically sourced from warm climates.”

In addition to the ripe-and-ready red melons, Asda is also selling 800 golden yellow watermelons which have the same taste and consistency as its red counterpart, providing shoppers with the same great tasting fruit with a golden twist.

Ken Atkinson, Asda Melon Buyer, comments: “Last year, our customers went wild for our watermelons, so we’re pleased to be able to reprise the introduction of the locally-grown fruit. We saw record watermelon sales across the summer and are proud to offer our customers a unique and tasty product to further strengthen our range.”

Asda’s 8,000 British watermelons will be available in select stores* from 14th September, with an RRP of £ 2.50.

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