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62% of Brits Fib to Friends and Family to Avoid Leaving the Comfort of their Own Homes

54% admitting the ideal night is one at home on the sofa surrounded by snacks. Being “tired” or “ill” are the top excuses given for not going out. Asda launches largest pizza on the market, Nacho Chicken Kievs and family sized meals for comfort seeking Brits.

By Asda Food and Drink Team

September 20, 2018 10:26am
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With the warm summer evenings behind us, staying in is fast becoming the new going out*,* asjust over 60% of Brits admit they fib to friends and family to avoid leaving the comfort of their own homes, new Asda research reveals.

When the autumn nights roll in, the UK becomes a nation of hibernators; with over half (54%) saying they prefer a night in on the sofa surrounded by snacks. The research unveils that to dodge leaving the house on Autumn evenings Brits will make up any old excuse, and are no strangers to pulling out an old cliché to get their way for a big night in.

From obvious favourites such as feigning illness (32%), fibbing about already having plans (25%), to old classics like ‘I’m washing my hair’ and ‘I have nothing wear’ (11%), Brits don’t shy away from a white lie if it means they can curl up on the sofa.

A cosy night in is not complete without clothes to match, and it seems Brits aren’t shying away from getting comfortable, with 31% of the nation popping on their pjs before the clock strikes 5pm.

And it’s not just on the weekend - the survey of 2000 found an increasing number of people (30%) are using excuses to stay-in at least once a week, though over a quarter (28%) still prefer to invite friends round to share the staying in experience.

An Asda spokesperson comments: “As Autumn approaches, we know our customers enjoy getting cosy indoors and enjoying great food. Our stores full of delicious products to accommodate any night-in cravings and make a night on the sofa the best night there is.

“From the biggest pizzas on the market, to slow cooked ready meals and tasty sides, we’re not surprised Brits want to get cosy on the couch this Autumn and treat themselves to a well-deserved night in.”

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