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Award-Winning Cheshire Cheese-Maker Puts Success down to Pampered Cows... That Relax by Listening to Calvin Harris

Nantwich cheesemaker Joseph Heler has supplied Asda for the last 10 years and employs an array of ‘cow comfort’ techniques. Its pampered dairy cows relax by listening to Calvin Harris during milking times, helping to produce better quality milk which is transformed into award-winning cheeses.

October 4, 2018 02:02pm
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Music makes Joseph Heler's cows happier, helping produce better-quality cheese

A dairy in Cheshire that supplies Asda supermarkets with award-winning cheese has revealed that the tantalising tracks of Calvin Harris are the key to its success. The DJ’s music makes its cows happier, meaning they produce better quality milk and therefore better-quality cheese.

Joseph Heler in Nantwich has supplied Asda stores across the North West & Midlands regions with its award-winning cheeses, produced with milk by cows living on the Cheshire Plain, for the last 10 years.

Its Cheshire Cheese, Double Gloucester and Blackstone Cheddar all won Gold at the 2018 International Cheese Awards and its high quality can be credited to how the farmers treat the cows.

The cows have their hooves manicured, are given special mattresses to sleep on and even listen to music to help them feel more relaxed and produce better milk – with their favourite tunes by DJ hit maker, Calvin Harris.

Farmers have started playing the DJ’s music in the parlours during milking to help keep the cows happy and relaxed – a recognized ‘cow comfort’ technique – and because they are happier and less stressed, the farmer credits the superior quality of milk to the DJ.

What started as a one-off experiment has become a daily routine. From ‘This is What Moo Came For’ feat. Rihanna to ‘Thinking About Moo’ feat. Dua Lipa, the cows listen to an array of Cow-vin Harris albums on a daily basis – with their milk later transformed at the dairy into award-winning varieties of cheese.

Mark Thornton, the dairy’s Farm Manager explains: “We pamper their cows because, quite simply, happy cows give more better-quality milk. In addition to feeding them well, keeping the temperature comfortable and giving them space to move around; the cows enjoy a few extra luxuries, which in turn also helps to increase the quality of milk they produce.

“It seems their favourite songs are by Calvin Harris, whose tunes seem to hit the spot with the cows so they have been listening to his albums religiously the past few weeks. It just shows the lengths we will go to in making sure our cows receive the very best care possible.”

David Wells, Marketing Manager for the dairy adds: “We are Cheshire through-and-through and our relationship with Asda has gone from strength-to-strength over the last decade. Asda recognise how important regionally sourced products are – because it’s what customers want and because they help support local communities.

“We are really proud of our recent award wins and we believe the quality of our cheese is deserving of the international recognition it’s received. In the last 12 months we’ve seen a real resurgence of interest and appreciation in locally made ‘craft cheeses’ like ours, which is comparable to the popularity that artisan gin and craft beers have experienced in recent times.

“We’re going to keep on doing what we’ve been doing brilliantly for a long time now, but we are always learning and looking to improve – so if that means making a few modern tweaks to keep our cows happy and our milk top quality, then we’ll do it!!”

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