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Love Truffle? No trouble: Asda to stock Black Truffle Cheese in time for Christmas

Truffle Cheese

Luxurious, earthy, aromatic; a food lovers’ dream. Asda’s Extra Special Aged Spanish Cheese with Black Truffle is here, and just in time for Christmas.

From November 22nd customers can get their hands on the sumptuous cheese for only £4 - perfectly placed to complete any festive cheeseboard or eaten with a glass of Asda’s Extra Special Pinot Noir. An enchanting delight, the cheese features shavings of black truffle, with nutty and garlic undertones, which excellently complement the rich, mature cheese.

Matured for four months and hand-injected with premium black truffles, this cheese is as Extra Special as it comes.

Expertly created, the process begins with maturing the cheese for two months. After the initial maturing process, the ripened black truffle is delicately injected into the cheese and then bagged and matured for a further two months, ensuring consistent flavour throughout.

James Waters, Asda’s cheese expert, said: “Our customers love our innovative cheese products so we’re always looking for fantastic new fromage to bring to the shelves.

“Black truffle cheese has been notorious amongst chefs, cheese fanatics and ‘foodies’ as distinctively luxurious for years, so we’re delighted to be able to release a cheese as truffilicous as this for our customers to enjoy at the fraction of the price of regular truffle cheese.”

Asda’s Extra Special Aged Spanish Cheese with Black Truffle will be available from 22nd November priced at £4 per 130g pack, the recommended serving is 30g.

Products available in selected Asda stores and from Asda.com