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A Merry Christmas for Everyone

November 23, 2018 07:47pm
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Ever-changing diets means an evolving Christmas menu, with Asda set for a festive feast all can enjoy. From a parsnip, chestnut and sage vegan pâté to a gluten and dairy-free cheese board - this year we’ve ensured there’s truly something for everyone at the Christmas table.Extra Special Vegan Pate
The sweet and earthy flavours of roasted parsnip work wonderfully with the taste of smoky chestnuts in this vegan pâté. Combined with fragrant sage and blitzed together for the perfect spreadable texture, this smooth pâté works a treat layered generously on a cracker.
Available on 22/11/18
Price: £2****Extra Special Vegan Mushroom and Chestnut Nut Roast with Cranberry Star Butter
A truly delectable vegan nut roast, made with a mixture of earthy chestnuts, peanuts and wholesome mushrooms. Topped with a festive cranberry vegan butter star to ensure a perfect moistness and an added richness to your plate.
Price: £2.50

Extra Special Beetroot and Vegan Cheese Bake
A tasty option for vegans this festive season. Delicious beetroot is combined into patties with spinach, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinegar, with a melting centre containing vegan cheese. Pop straight in the oven and enjoy with tasty vegan Christmas trimmings.
Price: £2

Extra Special Belgian Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pots of Gold (Vegan)
For those leading a vegan lifestyle with a sweet tooth - look no further than Asda’s Vegan Chocolate Caramel Pots. These delicious and decadent pots are generously filled with a smooth chocolate ganache and salted caramel sauce. Perfectly topped with gold iridescent glitter for that Extra Special festive feel.
Available on 19/12/18.
Price: £3

Vegan cheese
If you need to create vegan options for party guests this festive season, look no further than these vegan cheeses. The traditional Mature Cheddar Alternative is full-bodied, smooth and just as good as the real thing, while the Garlic & Chive Mature Cheddar Alternative is a flavoursome and savoury cheddar. You could even add the dairy-free Wensleydale & Cranberry Alternative –the cheesy taste of Christmas with its sweet cranberry and creamy texture. Asda even has a Free From Cracker Selection Box to put these tasty cheeses on, which are gluten-free.
Available on 22/11/18.
Price: £2 each

Free From Mince Pies
The nation’s favourite sweet Christmas staple is now available to everyone with Asda’s Free From Mince Pies. Enjoy with a glass of mulled wine in your favourite festive pyjamas.
Price: £1.50

Extra Special Free From Truffle Selection
A wonderfully rich and indulgent selection of milk, white and dark chocolate truffles flavoured with vanilla, orange, salted caramel and strawberry. If you’re free from dairy, wheat or gluten, then these are made for you.
Price: £4.50

Extra Special Free From Cookie Selection
A trio of cookies guaranteed to delight anyone, this tempting selection of all butter Belgian cookies includes three scrumptious flavours; white chocolate and mint, chocolate orange and mince pie. Perfect to dip in a hot drink on a chilly winter’s evening!
Price: £4

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