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Get the Party Started with Asda this Christmas

November 26, 2018 08:01am
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This year, let Asda make festive gatherings Extra Special with perfect party food to entertain guests and taste buds. From delicious twists on Christmas classics to merry mouthfuls of international cuisine, Asda has everything you need to get the party started. 12 Smoked Salmon Topped Blinis
A classic Christmas party canapé. Scottish smoked salmon sits atop cream cheese, with a sprinkling of dill for extra flavour. They’ll be a guaranteed hit with guests - simply defrost, serve and enjoy.
Available on 1/11/18.
Price: £2.50

Extra Special Vietnamese Rainbow Rolls
Vibrant and colourful steamed pastry rolls bursting with delicious, fresh vegetables and traditional Thai herbs, the Extra Special Vietnamese Rainbow Rolls pack a punch with a soy and ginger dipping sauce. A perfect snack for any festive occasion.
Available on 13/12/18
Price: £3****Extra Special British Pork, Plum & Sloe Gin Cocktail Sausages
Put the cocktail in cocktail sausages with Asda’s Extra Special British Pork, Plum & Sloe Gin Sausages. Sweet bursts of beautiful fruity sloe gin bring a new twist on this Christmas party snacking staple.
Available on 29/10/18
Price: £2.98

Extra Special King Prawn, Cod and Chorizo Croquettes
With a crisp shell and soft, rich centre, these Extra Special King Prawn, Cod and Chorizo Croquettes are a luxurious, nibble for the seafood fans at any festive gathering.
Price: £3

Extra Special Pork, Turkey, Apple & Cranberry Sausage Roll Wreath
A true showstopper for Christmas festivities, this wreath is made with seasoned outdoor-bred pork and turkey sausage meat. Stuffed full of sweet cranberries and Bramley apple pieces, wrapped in a beautifully flaky and buttery puff pastry, this will be a family favourite this season.
Available on 13/12/18.
Price: £5

Extra Special Pork Belly Skewers with Hoi Sin Plum Glaze
These Asian-inspired skewers are easy but impressive canapés for the festive season. Slow cooked and marinated in a rich, fruity hoisin and plum glaze makes these scrumptious nibbles irresistible. They’ll disappear in minutes.
Available on 13/12/18.
Price: £3

Extra Special 10 Chicken Laksa Roses
Inspired by canapes from the big cities around the World, these beautiful and delicate pastries are brimming with tender chicken and the flavours of coconut, lemongrass and kaffir lime. Cook straight from the freezer and watch your guests snap them up in seconds.
Price: £2.50

Extra Special Fried Chicken Dim Sum Selection
Perfect party nibbles, this delightful dim sum selection is an assortment of miniature shumai, brimming with succulent chicken marinated in a flavoursome red, yellow and green curry sauce. Finished with authentic herbs and spices, this selection will help kick-start any party.
Available on 13/12/18.
Price: £3

Extra Special Heather Honey and Black Pepper Smoked Salmon
Farmed in the crisp waters of Scotland, this salmon is cured with a carefully balanced mix of sea salt and demerara sugar, smoked for 15 hours in traditional brick kilns over oak and Applewood wood chips, traditionally hung and garnished with black pepper. An irresistible fusion of smoky and sweet flavours.
Available on 19/12/18

Extra Special Duck Pâté with Rum & Raisin
Created in Belgium, this smooth and silky hand-decorated duck live pâté has a rich and unique recipe, incorporating rum and raisin to deliver an indulgent flavour. Best enjoyed when generously smothered over a warm ciabatta.
Available on 22/11/18.
Price: £2.50

Extra Special Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur and Extra Special Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin Liqueur
Two delectable new flavour combinations - tangy rhubarb and fiery ginger or sharp pink grapefruit and fragrant elderflower - are blended with our Extra Special triple distilled premium gin to create this handcrafted gin liqueur. Infused with natural ingredients, and traditionally distilled in copper stills. These gorgeous pink gins are perfect additions to the drinks table at any festive gathering.
Price: £12

Extra Special Gingerbread Gin Liqueur
This spicy, festive liqueur combines Extra Special Triple Distilled Premium Gin with the flavour of home-baked gingerbread, bringing sparkle to any occasion thanks to the iridescent edible glitter shimmering throughout. Perfect with prosecco for an extra-festive fizz!
Price: £12

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