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Asda Prepares for Easter Heatwave

With the thermometer set to rise this weekend it seems flags will be cracking as well as eggs this Easter.
Asda has everything you need to enjoy Easter, whether that’s celebrating with a traditional roast lamb or hosting your first BBQ of the year.

Although the supermarket is set to see high sales on chocolate and lamb legs this weekend, it is also predicting increased sales of 60% on BBQ meat, 20% on burger rolls and a whopping 200% on potato salad.

Customers are expected to take advantage of the great outdoors with a 70% sales increase expected on garden furniture.

With temperatures to rise to the highs of 25 degrees, hotter than popular holiday destinations Marbella and Lisbon, ice cream sales are also predicted to increase as customers try to cool down.

Taking precautions in the hot temperatures will be necessary though, and sales of sun cream are predicted to increase by 655%.