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Asda Income Tracker - January 2020

Five ASDA associates are tapping their pocket book area

The Asda Income Tracker was £9.71 a week higher in December 2019 than a year before

The data from Asda's January 2020 Income Tracker also showed;

  • Family spending power increased by 4.7% in the year to December 2019, down from an increase of 5.3% in the previous month. This was the slowest rise in the Income Tracker since November 2018
  • Wage growth continued to slow according to the latest data by the Office for National Statistics
  • In recent months, falling numbers of vacancies have provided some signs that slack is beginning to emerge in the labour market
  • Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, fell to 1.3% in December 2019, down from 1.5% in the previous month.
  • Gross income growth rates have fallen back in Q4 2019 and with the UK average sinking to the lowest quarterly average since Q2 2018

The full report can be read here.