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June 12, 2020 09:47am
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Asda now stocking over 3.5 million disposable coverings as well as over one million reusable, washable fabric face coverings, following Government guidelines that public must wear face coverings on public transport. The coverings, which have been available in store and online since the end of May, are aimed at allowing customers to choose the right one for them to travel safely.

Research* conducted by Asda revealed that a fifth of Brits (20%) feel uneasy wearing a facial covering in public, with the top reasons being that they would be uncomfortable to wear (28%), worried they would struggle to talk to others (26%) and feel self-conscious of their appearance (21%).

After months of sharing advice and guiding Brits through lock down, Psychologist and This Morning expert, Emma Kenny, has teamed up with Asda to share advice on how to feel less self-conscious about wearing face coverings and help to focus on safety first.

“Wearing a face covering can make us feel unnerved as it is a physical symbol of a challenging time in all of our lives. Feeling self-conscious about wearing a face covering, worrying about looking strange, not quite knowing how to communicate without your facial expressions, are all valid feelings and will take time to feel ‘normal’. Fortunately, just as we have learnt from rules such as wearing a seatbelt, to booking family holidays outside of term time, we will adapt to this new, and likely temporary measure of wearing face coverings on public transport,” said Kenny.

An Asda spokesperson said “It’s understandable that some people feel uneasy about wearing a face covering – but we’re making sure we’ve got a range of practical solutions available that are great value to make it as easy as possible. We have seen a surge in demand for face coverings, so it is clear customers are taking these guidelines seriously.

We have launched two options for customers that both offer great value. They can choose disposable coverings which can be worn once and are priced at just £2.80 for a pack of four, or washable and reusable fabric face coverings at just £2.50 for a pack of two. The fabric range comes in multiple designs that are suitable for all ages. A children’s range will launch later next month with the aim to make wearing a face covering less daunting for the younger generation.”

For any Brits feeling worried about wearing face coverings in public, TV and expert Psychologist, Emma Kenny, has compiled five tips to help Brits feel more comfortable.

  1. See it as a temporary measure: make wearing a face covering feel less daunting by reminding yourself this is not forever. A few months ago, the terms ‘social-distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ were phrases we didn’t even know existed. Just as you have adapted to this new way of living, you’ll naturally adjust behaviour to wearing a facial covering.

  2. Remind yourself you are not alone: it is ok to struggle with the idea of wearing a facial covering, as highlighted in Asda’s research, many people are struggling with the idea. You don’t need to enjoy wearing them but it’s good to try and remember that it’s for the protection of you and others around you.

3. A facial covering that makes you feel friendly: wearing a covering that has a print or design can make you feel less self-conscious as it will show some of your personality. Whilst you won’t be able to meet others with a smile, wearing this type of covering can create a talking point and make you feel more personable.

4. Don’t let others not wearing a face covering upset you: as it is compulsory to wear a face covering on public transport, it’s best to focus on yourself and ensure that you are adhering to the guidelines. Try to remain compassionate to those around you who are struggling to adjust this new norm.

5. Find new ways to interact with people: right now, you have been starved of social contact, so connecting with other people is more important than ever. Even when social distancing on a bus, you can still meet the eye of another passenger and say a hello with a nod. Small talk boosts immunity and makes people feel more positive**.**

Available in all Asda stores and online, customers can purchase disposable or washable fabric face coverings in different prints. Prices start from £2.80 for a pack of four disposable coverings, or from £2.50 for a pack of two washable fabric facial coverings, making it the most cost-effective on the market.

For more information, please go to www.Asda.com.


*Asda research conducted by FLY Research, June 2020 with a sample size of 2000.

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