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Asda removes over 24.5 million plastic forks from salads in a bid to tackle plastic pollution

· 41 tonnes of plastic a year saved by the move
· Over 24.5 million plastic forks removed
· In addition, Asda switches Asparagus out of non-recyclable trays to save 1.6 million plastic trays a year
· The move is part of Asda’s accelerated commitment to reduce own-brand plastic packaging by 15% by 2021

June 15, 2020 03:00pm
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In-line with its ongoing commitment to ‘Use less and recycle more’, Asda is today announcing that it will be removing plastic forks from its salads and protein bowls.

This move will result in the removal of over 24.5 million plastic forks each year across its own brand salads, which will equivalent of 41 tonnes of plastic, the equivalent weight of around 55 cows!

As the warm summer weather approaches, salad lovers will be able to pick up their favourite fresh dishes at the same great price but without having to prioritise plastic reduction over their grocery decision-making, giving them even more choice when it comes to living sustainably.

Kevin Patel, Asda’s Director of Produce said;

“We are passionate about delivering our commitment to customers to use less and recycle more and this move marks the next step in our journey as we strive to commitment to reduce own-brand plastic packaging by 15% by 2021”.

We know that customers like the ease of picking up salads and fresh produce on the go, but we know they are passionate about the environment plastic pollution, which is why we have made the decision to remove plastic forks so our customers don’t have to choose between living sustainably and shopping with ease.

In addition, Asda has also removed 21.6 tons of plastic from its Extra Special Asparagus range, by completely removing the plastic tray, saving a huge 1.6 million trays a year. This move has meant that in total, fresh produce has already had 256 tonnes of plastic removed in 2020.

Asda stepped on its bid to tackle plastic pollution towards the end of last year, committing to reducing own-brand plastic packaging by 15% by 2021 and in addition, reaching 30% recycled content in its plastic packaging by the end of 2020, five years ahead of its original deadline.

Customer will be able to see the new packaging across salad from the 25th June.

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