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Love gin? Love cheesecake? Try Asda's new pink gin cheesecake dessert!

July 17, 2020 01:28pm
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If you’re fond of the familiar, fruity flavours of pink gin and craving a decadent dessert that oozes indulgence, look no further than Asda’s NEW Pink Gin Cheesecake.

Sweet and creamy, the pink cheesecake slices come as a duo for just £2 - perfect for a romantic picnic date or sharing with friends with a sweet tipple this summer.

Complete with a biscuit base, the pretty pudd consists of a pink gin flavour cheesecake and is finished with a swirl of sweet raspberry sauce.

An Asda Spokesperson said:We know our customers love a hybrid product and our new Pink Gin Cheesecake might just be the ultimate combination they’ve been waiting for!

"With the perfect marriage of flavours, these summery cheesecake slices are a simple way to add a dash of fun to any picnic or dessert.”

The Pink Gin Cheesecake Duo will be available in stores and online from 13th July for £2 per pack of two.

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