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The school of Mum and Dad is closing

● New research found that while 24% of parents found home-teaching to be ‘very stressful’, 27% will miss teaching their own children and 78% of parents would like a celebration to toast to the last day of home teaching

● ASDA has created ‘The Last Day of Home-School’ bundle – a series of products ranging from retirement cards to prosecco to help students and teachers enjoy their last day of school together

March 2, 2021 00:23pm
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Home-schooling has been a challenging time for parents across Britain, but as the home-school of Mum and Dad is about to close and the children set to go back to classrooms from Monday 8th March, ASDA has launched ‘The Last Day of Home-School’ bundle to celebrate the final day in style.

This follows new research from ASDA which reveals that many parents will be breathing a sigh of relief on retirement day with 85% secretly looking forward to the end of home-schooling; wanting a break from their children and the feeling of normality returning being cited as the top reasons. Whereas for children, almost three quarters (73%) cannot wait to see their favourite teachers and interact with classmates again.

Since the schools first closed, ‘teacher-parents’ have each dedicated an average of 13 hours to home-schooling every single week - alongside their jobs and other commitments. The subjects they have least enjoyed teaching were mathematics, science and English.

However, retirement day is bittersweet for many families with nearly half (44%) of parents expressing worry about how much catching up their children will need to do when they are back in classrooms. What’s more, 1 in 4 (23%) have suggested that their children will miss their Mums and Dads after spending so many months together learning spelling, grammar and times tables.

But, for now, ASDA recognises it’s a time to raise a glass (or two!) to the herculean efforts of Mum and Dad. With 78% of parents advising they would like a home celebration to toast the back to school date, the retailer will be launching a ‘Last Day of Home-School’ bundle from 1st March, featuring family favourite foods, celebration drinks and traditional ‘teacher’ presents – and of course, marker pens to write home-schooling memories with:

The full bundle includes:

● ASDA Marker Pens Set

● Prosecco Extra Dry

● ASDA Large Thin & Crispy Stonebaked Cheese Meltdown

● ASDA Classic Dip Collection

● ASDA Lightly Salted Sharing Tortilla Chips

Tom Lloyd, Senior Director, Online Trading at ASDA, said: “We know how important traditions are to families, and with children going back to school on Monday 8th March, we wanted to mark the last day of term by turning it into an opportunity for parents and children to make memories together. Our ‘Last Day of Home-School’ bundle contains everything you need to make enjoy the moment with all of the family including marker pens write down memories of this period, plus prosecco to toast retirement day with, as well as party food everyone will enjoy.”

ASDA customers can purchase the ‘Last Day of Home-School’ bundle directly from 26th February for £13.93 until Monday 8th March to raise a glass to the end of home-schooling.

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