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Asda has your Euros plans covered as the countdown to kick off begins

June 7, 2021 02:49pm
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With the Euros starting this week, Asda has launched footie-themed bundles to help fans add everything they need to their basket in a single click and keep supplies topped up throughout the tournament.

From the ultimate Match Night In bundle to Gluten Free, Vegan and Alcohol Free alternatives, there’s no excuse for leaving anyone out of this year’s celebrations.

With many watching from home this year, as travel remains limited and capacity in stadiums is restricted, the supermarket is helping fans get a ‘taste of’ what it’s like to be there with seven themed bundles to help kick things off.

Exclusively available via Asda.com, the retailer has pulled together a selection of European treats to help add fun to at home gatherings, starting from as little as £5.80*.

Alternatively, those who just want to make sure they’re stocked up can opt for the Match Night In option, with 20 bottles of Stella Artois, 18 can of Carlsberg, a sharing pouch of Peanut M&Ms, a Medium Thin & Crispy Cheese pizza, a tub of Haagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream ice cream, a bag of Butterkist Cinema popcorn and a sharing bag of Doritos Cool Original Tortilla Chips offering great value at £29.97*.

And if you run out of drinks and snacks mid-match, Asda has you covered with more than 500 lines available for rapid delivery via Uber Eats, including packs of Heineken, Peroni and Brewdog Punk Post Modern IPA, as well as pizzas, crisps and dips, which could be at your door in as little as 45 minutes**.

Rob Barlow, Online Grocery Senior Merchandising Manager at Asda, said: “With a summer of sport just around the corner, we know how frustrating it will be for some football fans that they can’t travel to the games to get behind their team.

“That’s why we’re bringing together a selection of products to give customers a taste of different countries as well as Vegan, Free From and Low/No Alcohol alternatives, to help them easily plan a big night in watching the Euros, with everything they need available in a single click.

“We also know how annoying it is when you run out of ‘essentials’ before half time, so we’ve also added popular beer, wines and spirits, BBQ and snacking lines to the Asda Groceries offer on the Uber Eats app – for rapid ‘emergency’ deliveries.”

The bundles are available now and will be online until 11th July via a dedicated ‘Love the Game’ page on the Asda groceries site, which will also host the best deals throughout the competition.

Full details of what can be found in each bundle are below.

Love the Game Bundles

Match Night In Bundle £29.97*:

  • Stella Artois Belgium Premium Larger 20 x 284ml

  • Carlsberg Larger Beer 18 x 440ml

  • M&M’s Peanut Chocolate More to Share Pouch 268g

  • Asda Medium Think & Crispy Stonebaked Cheese Meltdown pizza

  • Doritos Cool Original Sharing Tortilla Chips 180g

  • Haagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream Ice Cream 460ml

  • Butterkist Cinema Sweet Popcorn 100g

Carling Lager & Snacks Bundle £18.79*:

  • Carling 18 x 440ml

  • Kettle Chips Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Sharing Crisps 150g

  • Kettle Chips Sour Cream & Sweet Onion Sharing Crisps 150g

  • KP Original Salted Peanuts 250g

  • Maltesers Chocolate Sharing Pouch 189g

McEwans Ale & Snacks Bundle £15.70*:

  • McEwan’s Export Original Scottish Ale 12 x 440ml

  • IRN-BRU Cans 8 x 330ml

  • Asda Steak & Gravy Pies 4 x 150g

  • Asda Mashed Potato 400g

Wye Valley Ale & Snacks Bundle £5.80*:

  • Wye Valley Brewery Butty Bach Premium Ale x 500ml

  • Asda Extra Special 6 Pork Welsh Cheddar & Smoked Bacon Sausages

  • Warburtons Sliced Hot Dog Rolls x 6

Becks Beer & Snacks Bundle £14.10*:

  • Beck’s German Pilsner 15 x 275ml

  • Walkers Hot Shot Hot Dog Multipack of Crisps 5 x 25g

  • Wikinger Bockwurst Style Hot Dogs in Brine 1030g

  • Warburtons Sliced Hot Dog Rolls x 6

Kronenbourg Larger & Snacks Bundle £17.83*:

  • Kronenbourg 1664 Larger 15 x 440ml

  • Asda Mild & Creamy Brie 200g

  • Asda Camembert Cheese 250g

  • Asda Grower’s Selection Seedless Red Grapes 400g

  • Bake at Home 2 Baguettes

Peroni Larger & Snacks Bundle £19.00*:

  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro Larger 10 x 330ml

  • Asda Medium Thin & Crispy Stonebaked The Sizzler Pizza

  • Asda Medium Thin & Crispy Stonebaked Cheese Meltdown pizza

Mahou Larger & Snacks Bundle £19.45*:

  • Mahou Cinco Estrellas Larger Beer 12 x 330ml

  • Asda Spanish Inspired Platter with Chorizo, Iberico Cheese & Salchichon

  • Asda Antipasti Sharing Selection

European Tapas Bundle £10.07*:

  • Asda Party Nibbles Cheese Twists 125g

  • Asda Continental Platter with Chorizo, Milano Style Salami & German Style Salami

  • Asda Spanish Inspired Platter with Chorizo, Iberico Cheese & Salchichon

  • Asda Pimento Olives with Iberico Cheese

  • Asda 8 Iberico Cheese & Chorizo Rollitos

  • Asda Stuffed Peppers with Cream Cheese

  • Bake at Home 2 Baguettes

Gluten Free Match Night In Bundle £16.05*:

  • San Miguel Gluten Free Larger 4 x 330ml

  • Kettle Chips Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Sharing Crisps 150g

  • Asda Free From Giant Choc Buttons 119g

  • Old El Paso Gluten Free Mexican Original Crunchy Nachips 185g

  • Goodfella’s Gluten Free Margherita Pizza

  • Asda Free From Salted Caramel Ice Cream 315g

Vegan Match Night In Bundle £19.49*:

  • Brewdog Mixed Pack 8 x 330ml

  • Kettle Chips Vegan Sheese & Red Onion Sharing Crisps 135g

  • Goodfella’s Vegan Stone Baked Meatless Mediterranean Pizza

  • Galaxy Vegan Crumbled Cookie Chocolate Bar 100g

  • Heinz Seriously Good Vegan Mayo 390g

Alcohol Free Beer & Snacks Bundle £11.89*:

  • Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free Beer 12 x 330ml

  • Kettle Chips Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Sharing Crisps 150g

  • KP Original Salted Peanuts 250g

  • Maltesers Chocolate Sharing Pouch 189g

Diet Coke & Snacks Bundle £9.77*:

  • Diet Coke Cans 12 x 330ml

  • KP Original Salted Peanuts 250g

  • Maltesers Chocolate Sharing Pouch 189g

  • Doritos Chilli Heatwave Sharing Tortilla Chips 180g

*Prices and availability may vary in Scotland and Wales

**Delivery time will be shown at checkout and varies dependent on the postcode entered and distance from an Asda store.

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