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Asda trials customer loyalty programme in 16 stores

October 21, 2021 04:56pm
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Asda has today announced it will extend its ‘Asda Rewards’ loyalty app trial to customers in 16 stores, following a successful pilot with colleagues last month.

Customers at selected stores across West Yorkshire and the West Midlands can download the ‘Asda Rewards’ app on their smartphones from 21st October and begin to build up a ‘cash pot’ each time they purchase a ‘star product’ or complete an in-app ‘mission’ when shopping in one of the 16 trial stores.

Customers using the app will be able to earn rewards when buying selected branded and Asda own-label star products, including many core everyday grocery lines, beers, wines, spirits and household cleaning and pet products. Customers will also be rewarded for shopping across a range of brands, such as Cadbury’s, Heinz, Pampers, Budweiser, Gillette and many more.

As well as earning rewards for buying the products they love, Asda shoppers will also be able to add to their cash pot by completing in-app missions, such as buying five fruit and veg items to unlock their “5 a day badge” and be rewarded £1 into their cashpot, or spending £15 on pet products to get £3 back as a reward.

Customers will see their cashpot build in the app every time they shop for star products or complete a mission, and they can redeem their cash whenever they choose by creating a voucher with the money they have saved. This can then be used on their next shop or saved up to pay for a full shop in the future.

As the festive period approaches, customers will also have access to special Halloween and Christmas missions to complete and earn – for example, the ‘Haunted House’ mission, will see customers earn £3 for their cashpot when they spend £15 on Halloween decorations in store.

As the trial develops, Asda aims to customise offers so customers can earn pounds for buying their favourite products, or rewards for buying products that are environmentally friendly.

The customer trial follows a successful pilot with colleagues in the same stores to help develop the loyalty proposition. Over 2000 colleagues from the 16 stores signed up to the programme and their feedback has helped shape the app ready for the next stage of customer trial.

Matt Mclellan, Vice President Customer Proposition & Planning, said: “We know our customers want the best possible value when shopping with us, especially as household budgets become stretched. Our Asda Rewards trial rewards our loyal customers with pounds not points for buying the products they love. We hope that our customers will enjoy building up their cash pot during the trial and spending it on whatever they like in store – or saving it for the all-important Christmas shop.”

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