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How to nail the truffle trend and elevate your festive feasts this Christmas

December 21, 2021 02:00pm
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Just as sequins and velvet are the fashion trends to be seen in at Christmastime, the festive trend for foodies this winter (and beyond) is all about adding decadent truffle flavours to simple, well-cooked foods.

And whilst rich truffle flavours and aromas evoke feelings of indulgent fine dining, Asda is bringing customers a taste of this of-the-moment flavour from as little as £1.85.

Jonathan Moore, Senior Director, Food Innovation and Trends at Asda says; “Hailed by the Ancient Greeks as ‘food of the gods’, the use of truffles amongst top chefs is nothing new, but now more than ever, people want to enjoy the rich flavours of this long-celebrated ingredient from the comfort of their own homes. I think that as the public has become increasingly willing to try more exotic flavours, truffle oils and flavoured snacks have grown in popularity. Our own Extra Special Three Bone in Beef Rib with a Parmesan & Truffle Crust is proving hugely popular this year, and the truffle trend is likely here to stay for 2022.”

Here, Jonathan shares three insider tips from Asda’s Innovation Kitchen, to incorporate truffle flavours into your at-home festive feasts this year.

Get to know the flavour profile Truffle can be best described as ‘earthy’ with hints of onion, garlic, nuts and mushrooms – it’s a really unique, taste. The flavour works well to finish simple foods such as pasta, scrambled eggs and potatoes and can be added sparingly to ingredients like butter, cream and cheese to add a little extra flavour to your cooking. This year, we’ve launched an Extra Special Truffle, Parmesan and Black Pepper Butter, which is so simple yet delivers fantastic flavours either added to your dishes or simply spread onto some warm fresh bread.

Use the flavour to enhance what’s on the plate I’d advise that truffle is used to enhance other flavours in your dish or ingredients, rather than making it the main flavour profile. My go-to dish with truffle is to add a little to scrambled eggs on sourdough toast. Adding a contemporary flavour to a breakfast classic with minimal effort – this would be a sure-fire way to impress loved ones on Christmas morning. Another favourite of mine is drizzling fresh pasta with truffle butter or oil.

Don’t shy away from ready-made flavours – especially if you’re a novice

If you’re not overly confident in the kitchen, you can still impress your guests thanks to ready-made products and truffle flavoured butters or oils. Don’t shy away from these, as they’re easy to work with and can pack a punch on flavour, adding that high-end feel to your cooking. At Asda, we’re always looking to deliver when it comes to the most up-and-coming flavour profiles that everyone can enjoy, and we have a fantastic range for those looking to tap into the truffle trend.

This year, Asda has launched various truffle-flavoured and inspired products in its Christmas range, including:

Asda Extra Special 3 Bone in Beef Rib with a Parmesan & Truffle Crust, £62 (typically 3.1kg)

A showstopping main course for Christmas Day, the 21-day aged succulent British Beef is coated with an Italian parmesan and black summer truffle crust.

Asda Extra Special Parmesan, Truffle Flavour & Black Pepper Butter with British Milk, £1.85 (150g) Hand rolled, creamy British butter with a decadent truffle flavour, parmigiano reggiano and black pepper.

Asda Extra Special Goats Milk Camembert Cheese with Honey & Truffle, £3.50 (210g) A full fat, mould-ripened soft cheese complete with a sachet of Acacia honey and truffle flavoured glaze.

Asda Extra Special Chicken Liver Paté with Honey & Truffle, £2.50 (200g) A smooth, chicken liver, pork fat, pork and chicken paté blended with honey and truffle, seasoned with pink peppercorns.

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