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Asda steps up security to become egg-stra vigilant in hunt for £10,000 Crème Eggs

Security guard guarding Creme Egg stand

Asda has stepped up its Créme Egg security in stores, as the hunt for Cadbury’s valuable half and half eggs gets underway.

The supermarket introduced a Créme Egg security guard in its Pudsey store today to help prevent any opportunistic shoppers from cracking a peak following the commencement of the UK’s favourite egg hunt.

One of the rare half milk and half white chocolate eggs worth £10,000 could be hidden in a random Asda store ready to be found by one lucky winner.

A spokesperson at Asda said: “This is such an exciting competition and it’s great to see our shoppers so excited about the prospect of finding a rare half-and-half egg! It's all in good fun, but we’re staying egg-stra vigilant around the Créme Egg displays to ensure everyone gets a fair crack at winning.”