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Asda steps up security to become egg-stra vigilant in hunt for £10,000 Crème Eggs

Asda has stepped up its Créme Egg security in stores, as the hunt for Cadbury’s valuable half and half eggs gets underway.

January 6, 2022 04:19pm
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The supermarket introduced a Créme Egg security guard in its Pudsey store today to help prevent any opportunistic shoppers from cracking a peak following the commencement of the UK’s favourite egg hunt.

One of the rare half milk and half white chocolate eggs worth £10,000 could be hidden in a random Asda store ready to be found by one lucky winner.

A spokesperson at Asda said: “This is such an exciting competition and it’s great to see our shoppers so excited about the prospect of finding a rare half-and-half egg! It's all in good fun, but we’re staying egg-stra vigilant around the Créme Egg displays to ensure everyone gets a fair crack at winning.”

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