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Asda reduces price of morning after pill to lowest on the high street at £9.89

Asda has announced that it has lowered the price of Levonorgestrel (the morning after pill) to just £9.89 in stores and online through its Asda Online Doctor platform from today.

February 18, 2022 10:45am
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Faisal Tuddy, Chief Superintendent Pharmacist at Asda commented: “We’re pleased to be able to make the Morning After Pill more accessible for women who need it, by reducing the price to £9.89 in our stores and online through our Asda Online Doctor service. Both of these options offer a consultation with a pharmacist or GP, to ensure we’re offering the right help and support to all of our customers.”

The price reduction currently makes Asda the lowest priced provider of this product among all high street retailers.

Using Asda’s Online Doctor service, customers can be prescribed medicines from one of Asda’s doctors, which can then be sent to their address or collected in stores.

Dr Kat at Asda Online Doctor added: “It’s encouraging to see Asda Online Doctor take steps to make medicine and prescriptions more affordable and accessible for patients. Emergency contraception is essential medication which at a high cost can act as a barrier, preventing women from accessing emergency contraception when needed.”

For more information on Asda’s in-store pharmacies, visit: https://www.asda.com/about/instore/pharmacy

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