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Stunning Wagyu steak range lands at Asda from just £5

  • The Extra Special Wagyu Steaks are available in stores from the 28th April for a limited time only
  • The luxury cuts of steak are priced from just £5, a fraction of the price steak connoisseurs might expect
April 28, 2022 02:56pm
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Asda has launched stunning Wagyu steaks in stores, at incredibly low prices. The luxury cuts of steak are available for a limited time only, priced from just £5.

Asda is stocking Extra Special Wagyu Rump (£5), Sirloin (£6), Ribeye (£6.50) and Fillet (£7.50) in stores from the 28th April until the 18th May*.

Usually found priced anywhere from £50 up to hundreds of pounds per steak, these highly sought-after cuts are revered by foodies worldwide. Asda’s Extra Special Wagyu Steaks are available at a fraction of the price steak fans might usually expect to pay for Wagyu.

The Wagyu ribeye steak is considered one of the most flavoursome cuts. The special appeal of this cut of steak is that it has a rich marbling of fat throughout that melts away when cooking, giving guaranteed flavour and succulence.

Fillet steaks are considered the most premium and tender steak cuts. The Extra Special Wagyu Fillet Steaks are extra tender with guaranteed succulence and a full flavour. The fillet steak is a very lean cut of beef with little fat running through it and when properly prepared and cooked will melt in the mouth.

The Extra Special Wagyu Sirloin is a great steak to capture the qualities of the wagyu breed, with a beefier flavour to other cuts. The marbling gives the steak extra succulence and a tender eat full of flavour.

An Asda spokesperson commented: “Those who know their steaks will know how incredible it is to have these stunning cuts of Wagyu on our shelves at these prices. Wagyu is so flavoursome and really offers a sense of luxury that is perfect for anyone planning a bank holiday steak night this weekend, or simply wants to experiment with a cut of steak they haven’t tried before. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed!”

For further information, visit: https://groceries.asda.com/search/Steak

*while stocks last

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