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Asda unveils showstopping summer cake range and customers are obsessed

  • The range features a huge Mega Brownie Cake with three layers of brownie.
  • Other products launching include a summery Neapolitan Celebration Cake, Extra Special Blonde Cake and a Pancake Cake.
April 29, 2022 02:44pm
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Cake fans rejoice! Asda has just launched its stunning new range of celebration cakes, including a showstopping Mega Brownie Cake, and shoppers have taken to social media in excitement. The cakes are available online and in stores now.

The Mega Brownie Cake (£13) is an exciting market first, featuring three layers of decadent brownie giving the cake that perfect fudgy texture. This absolute feast of a chocolate/brownie hybrid cake weighs in at a whopping 1.3kg, with enough chocolatey goodness to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, Asda has also unveiled a stunning Neapolitan Celebration Cake – the perfect summer centrepiece. Made up of moist madeira, chocolate, and strawberry sponges with complimentary frosting, then topped with a “dropped” ice cream cone, this cake just screams summer. Available in stores and online now priced at £12.

Also launching in the new range of cakes from Asda is the luxurious Extra Special Belgian Blonde Cake (£13), made with rich chocolate and 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, with a decadent caramel flavoured white chocolate buttercream ganache.

And finally, the Pancake Cake (£12). Appearing as a stack of pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup, this cake isn’t what it seems. Inside, you’ll find layers of moist vanilla sponge with an indulgent salted caramel sauce.

An Asda spokesperson said: “Showstopping cakes are something we take very seriously, and this new range is really nothing short of showstopping. Alongside the cakes already mentioned we also have our stunning Blueberry Cheesecake’d – a cheesecake/cake hybrid that’s full of flavour, plus our Trifle Gateaux Bar, which brings all the flavours of a traditional trifle in a modern format. Whatever your summer plans are, you’re sure to find a cake to fit the occasion at Asda.”

For more information or to shop the new range of cakes, visit: https://groceries.asda.com/shelf/fresh-food-bakery/bakery/cakes/birthday-party-cakes/1215135760597-910000975215-1215275333699-1215275467513

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