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Asda launches Jubilee bundles…with one very unique addition

  • The supermarket retailer has launched a Jubilee Favourites bundle, offering customers the chance to eat like the Queen for a day
  • The bundles include many of her Majesty’s favourite dishes as shared by royal chefs, including burgers and cranberry sauce
May 26, 2022 02:18pm
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Asda has launched online shopping bundles full of the Queen’s favourite foods as part of its Jubilee celebrations, allowing shoppers to eat like her Majesty herself for the day.

Having researched Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite meals, Asda’s new online bundles are filled with royal favourites such as smoked salmon, Earl Grey tea and of course, chocolate cake. There’s also one unique addition that is said to be a favourite of her Majesty’s…burgers and cranberry sauce.

While one may assume the Queen’s diet would consist of nothing but the most luxury ingredients and lavish banquets, those closest to her have shared royal kitchen secrets to the contrary over the years.

According to Darren McGrady, a former chef in the Royal kitchens, the Queen is a creature of habit when it comes to mealtimes, and for breakfast or brunch she will treat herself to smoked salmon and scrambled eggs[1].

When it comes to dinner time, one may expect a lavish feast. However, experts suggest the Queen’s favourite meal is a fast-food favourite eaten in a very unique way. Ex-Royal Chefs have shared one of the Queen’s favourite meals is a burger without the bun, strictly eaten with a knife and fork and simply accompanied by cranberry sauce and greens[2].

And to finish, there’s nothing the Queen loves more than a good slice of chocolate cake simply accompanied by some fruit.

Asda’s Jubilee Favourites Bundles include all the ingredients to spend a day eating like the Queen herself, for those who really want to get into the Jubilee spirit over the coming weeks. And for those hosting Jubilee parties and picnics, Asda’s Jubilee food range features everything from Coronation Chicken Pastry Crowns to crown shaped gingerbread biscuits.

The bundles are available for online customers to add to their baskets with a simple click at a cost of £16.20 – a fraction of the price one may assume for a royal feast.

For more information or to shop Asda’s full Jubilee range, visit: https://groceries.asda.com/cat/jubilee-celebration/1215686353984

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