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Asda joins #GetOnARoll campaign by including cancer symptoms on own label toilet roll

June 28, 2022 09:35am
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Asda has announced it’s to add signs and symptoms of bowel cancer to all its popular Shades and Just Essentials toilet roll packaging in response to Bowel Cancer UK’s #GetOnARoll campaign.

The retailer has teamed up with Bowel Cancer UK to include the potentially life-saving information, together with a QR code for customers to find out more, on its own label popular Shades and Just Essential ranges from early Autumn. Asda sell over a whopping 42 million packs a year to households across the UK.

In addition, Asda are donating £50,000 to the charity to help fund future initiatives to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is the UK’s fourth most common cancer and the second biggest cancer killer. Yet almost half of adults around the UK could not name a single symptom of bowel cancer in a recent survey. Red flag symptoms include changes in bowel habit and bleeding from your bottom and/or blood in your poo, which can all be noticed while people are on the toilet.

Knowing the symptoms to look out for, and acting on them, can lead to bowel cancer being diagnosed at an earlier stage when it is easier to treat and even cure.

Sarah Yorke, Buying Manager, Household said: “We’re delighted to announce that we are joining the #GetOnARoll campaign, supporting with on pack awareness on our popular own brand toilet roll ranges. We are also making a £50,000 donation to the charity to help fund future initiatives.

“Spotting signs early is so important, so anything we can do to raise awareness of what people should look out for, and signpost them to Bowel Cancer UK to find out more, is crucial.”

Bowel Cancer UK CEO Genevieve Edwards said: "It's wonderful that Asda has joined our #GetOnARoll campaign to help raise vital awareness of bowel cancer symptoms. Almost 43,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, making it the country's fourth most common cancer.

"It's also the second biggest cancer killer, but it doesn't have to be, as it's treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early. The sad fact remains that 60% of people are diagnosed at later stages when it's much more difficult to treat. Part of the problem is low awareness of the red flag symptoms of bowel cancer that should prompt people to contact their GP.

"This brilliant partnership with Asda will help millions of people across the UK know the signs to look out for and will undoubtedly save lives from bowel cancer in the future."


Notes for editors

About Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK is the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity. We’re determined to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer. We support and fund targeted research, provide expert information and support to patients and their families, educate the public and professionals about the disease and campaign for early diagnosis and access to best treatment and care. For more information visit bowelcanceruk.org.uk

About bowel cancer

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and the second biggest cancer killer, affecting both men and women. Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer. That’s nearly 43,000 people every year, nearly 120 people every day.

Bowel cancer is treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early. Nearly everyone survives bowel cancer if diagnosed at the earliest stage. However this drops significantly as the disease develops. Early diagnosis really does save lives.

The symptoms of bowel cancer can include:

• Bleeding from your bottom and/or blood in your poo

• A persistent and unexplained change in bowel habit

• Unexplained weight loss

• Extreme tiredness for no obvious reason

• A pain or lump in your tummy

Most people with these symptoms don’t have bowel cancer. Other health problems can cause similar symptoms. If you have one or more of these, or if things just don’t feel right, see your GP.

For more information contact: [email protected]

Follow Bowel Cancer UK on social media – Twitter: @bowelcanceruk Facebook: @bowelcanceruk Instagram: @bowelcanceruk

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