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Yule never believe it: Take a sneak peek at Asda's smashing festive range

  • Asda has unveiled an exclusive look at some of its Christmas 2022 products
  • More magnificent than ever – the retailer announces its biggest ever range, including a magical 740 items
  • With something for everyone, there’s over 100 Vegan and Free From products
  • Pulling the sleigh this year, Jingle the Reindeer is the retailer’s chosen novelty character.
July 14, 2022 08:00am
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With more than half of a difficult year behind us, it’s now the time where retailers start to get serious about Christmas and this year, Asda is aiming to offer something magical to every household, no matter the budget. Since Christmas 2021, Asda’s product development team has been continuously working hard, tasting thousands of products to be assured of their great quality, and to curate a range that’s undoubtedly bigger and better than ever before.

With 740 products, Asda’s Christmas offering is set to provide something for everyone and every occasion, big or small. From the first taste of Christmas whilst watching festive films and putting up the tree, those must-have nibbles whilst wrestling endless rolls of wrapping paper, right through to the main event and through to the other side, to the New Year’s Eve extravaganza.

From Giant Sharing Mince Pies to Chocolate Baubles and Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueurs to a Tomahawk Wellington, the retailer’s Extra Special offering keeps on growing and now boasts over 280 products and provides a feast for the senses. Top-notch, premium quality can be found across all categories in the store; from centrepiece meats and showstopping indulgent desserts, to party food and festive snacks.

Inclusive for all dietary requirements, the supermarket also has 61 Vegan Society approved and 51 festive Free From products, providing great taste and high-quality products for all.

Ensuring the range is suitable for all ages, Asda’s chosen novelty character for 2022 is the one and only Jingle the Reindeer. Cute and cheeky, there’s 17 products within this theme; including Mini Rolls, Gingerbread and the showstopping Double Smash Cake. Providing fun for the whole family, shoppers need to smash through two layers to firstly uncover Jingle’s face, followed by a secret stash of reindeer treats hidden under the red nose; ensuring the little ones get as much out of the range as the adults.

Asda’s ‘Hero’ Christmas 2022 trends and flavours

This year the key trends and flavours which are present and brought to life throughout Asda’s Christmas range are Charred, Mushroom and Citrus and you can find them woven throughout this year’s wide range of magical products.

Aromas of char and the taste of fire roasted are prevalent throughout this year’s Christmas offering, with scrumptious starters such as the Extra Special Ultimate Prawn Cocktail with Campfire Charred Tomato Marie Rose Sauce bringing the combination of king prawns and a lip-smacking smoked paprika sauce together in a ready-to-serve pot.

Fundamental for this year’s focus flavours, truffle and mushroom are brought to life in various products throughout the range, with Extra Special Pork, Truffle & Porcini Stuffing Parcels and the showstopping Extra Special Tomahawk Wellington boasting flavours of shiitake and porcini mushrooms. Those opting for meat-free alternatives will be delighted by the Plant Based Vegan Turkey Crown with Umami Basting Stock – succulent and delicious.

Citrus zest takes centre stage this year, with a delicious array of lemon and orange flavours present in heavenly desserts such as the Extra Special Mince Pies, where the zest is brought to life with a dash of orange liqueur and a touch of Valencian orange – making them Asda’s most indulgent mince pies yet. For those looking for a divine party dessert, the Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail provides a sweet treat, filled with passionfruit compote infused with vanilla flavour vodka, topped with zesty lemon curd and Chantilly cream cheese.

Sam Dickson, Acting Chief Customer Officer at Asda, said:

“Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little indulgence… and whilst 2022 continues to be a difficult year for many, the festive season presents an opportunity to take joy and comfort from the smallest pleasures, spending time in great company, with great food. From new takes on Christmas classics, to trend-led dishes inspired by our three core flavour profiles, this year’s Christmas range delivers something to wow every guest at your dinner table, festive party, or family night in.

“We know that this year more than ever, families will be looking at ways to make their money go further, but that they don’t want to compromise on taste. Our amazing colleagues have been working incredibly hard all year to bring customers our biggest and most innovative range yet, delivering fantastic quality products at all price points, and we can’t wait to help shoppers make Christmas 2022 an utterly magic one!”

Hero Lines and Festive Favourites at Asda include:

Extra Special Ultimate Tomahawk Wellington

A truly indulgent hand-crafted Christmas centrepiece. Developed by award-winning butchers, the beef steak has been French trimmed and matured for 21 days to add extra flavour and tenderness. Complete with a rich beef stock gel and a premium duxelles made using shiitake mushrooms and a dash of Madeira wine, it’s hand-finished with an all-butter puff pastry – making it the real showstopper!

Ultimate Blackthorne Dry Cured Smoked Salmon

The tender salmon is cured by Blackthorn salt, which is made gently and sustainably, by slowly trickling Scottish West Coast sea water through the country’s only graduation thorn tower. Smoked in a traditional brick kiln using heather, alder and sweetgale, this premium smoked salmon is best served with cream cheese, fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper.

Extra Special Ibérico Bellota Crostini Kit

Providing everything you need to make the perfect Crostini canapés at home, this kit comprises of Ibérico Bellota ham that has been expertly air dried and cured for up to 30 months, giving it its signature flavours. Complete with Italian olive oil, Crostini’s tomato and olive Tapenade and shavings of delicious Manchego cheese to sprinkle on top, it’s time to experience ultimate Mediterranean Canapés from the comfort of your own home.

Double Smash ‘Jingle’ Reindeer Cake

Where’s Jingle?! Smash through the milk chocolate dome to reveal Jingle the Reindeer’s face. Then smash Jingle’s red nose to reveal a secret stash of reindeer treats, all nestled on a pillow of super scrummy frosting and chocolate sponge. Great fun for the whole family.

Extra Special Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Nougat

The sweet treat of whipped egg white combined with sugar and honey has been hand decorated with freeze-dried raspberries and drizzled with Italian dark chocolate to create this deliciously decadent nougat. Carefully crafted in Caravaggio in Northern Italy, this Extra Special Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Nougat has been based on an original family recipe dating back to 1924.

Millionaire’s Edible Bowl Dessert

This hand-moulded Belgian chocolate edible bowl is the ultimate indulgent sharing dessert. Complete with edible spoons, the layered Millionaire’s dessert is filled with crunchy digestive biscuit, toffee flavour mousse, sticky toffee sauce and rich chocolate ganache. A beautifully handdecorated dessert that will make a stunning after-dinner centrepiece.

To find out more information, visit: www.asda-pr.co.uk/ASDA-Christmas-2022/flipbook.html

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