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£1 and under: Back to School lunch box essentials from Asda

  • Asda has revealed several school lunchbox essentials priced at £1 or under, ready for the kids to return to school.
September 2, 2022 09:00am
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Wholemeal toastie bread

With the kids heading back to school next week in England and Wales, Asda has some great value lunchbox essentials to help fill their tummies between lessons, without breaking the bank.

Everyone knows that a staple lunchbox choice is the trusty ham sandwich, and with Asda’s Wholemeal Thick Sliced Loaf priced at just 80p and a pack of Just Essentials by Asda cooked ham slices priced at 64p per 125g pack, parents will be as happy with the cost as the little ones are with their lunch.

No lunch box is complete without a healthy snack too, and Asda shoppers can choose from a variety of pre-cut fruits at 40p a pack, or 3 for £1 –

  • ASDA Apple Slices (80g)
  • ASDA Pineapple Lolly (80g)
  • ASDA Grape Bag (80g)

ASDA Apple & Mango Juice Drink Cartons, 5 x 150g, for just £1, are an excellent choice for your little ones to wash it down with.

Shop these £1 and under lunchbox essentials and get the kids back-to-school ready by visiting stores or asda.com, now.

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