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Asda launches Asda Rewards cash incentive for customers getting their Flu Jab

Alongside offering the cheapest flu jab on the market, Asda is adding £1 to customers’ cash pots when they book a private flu jab at an Asda Pharmacy

  • Asda’s flu jab is the cheapest on the market at £9.98
  • Customers with the Asda Rewards app will receive a £1 cash pot reward for booking a flu jab at an Asda Pharmacy
  • Shoppers can book their jabs in store or online through the Asda Pharmacy website
  • Asda Pharmacy also offers free flu jabs to anyone who qualifies through the NHS
September 26, 2022 08:00am
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Asda in store Pharmacy

With winter season fast approaching, Asda has launched its annual flu jab service, giving customers the opportunity to book in their jabs at their nearest Asda Pharmacy, and receive a cash reward for doing so through Asda Rewards.

Customers who book a private flu jab at one of 254 Asda Pharmacies before the 23rdOctober will be credited £1 into their cash pot within the Asda Rewards app. The rewards offer must be redeemed in-store by the 23rd October.

Asda’s private flu jab is already the most affordable on the market at £9.98. The retailer is also offering free jabs to those who are eligible through the NHS, including those over the age of 50*, frontline or social care workers, pregnant individuals, or those with certain health conditions. For further information on conditions that qualify individuals for a free jab, please visit the NHS website. Individuals are able to book one flu jab per year.

Faisal Tuddy, Superintendent Pharmacist at Asda, said: “It’s so important to get a flu jab, especially if you are vulnerable or if you’re visiting family members this winter. Asda customers can now book their jab in-store and online, with several walk-in clinics in stores due to open throughout the season.

“We want to give back to shoppers who book their jab, which is why we’re giving Asda Rewards users the opportunity to earn some money in their cash pot which they can then put towards their essentials.”

To book, customers simply have to visit their in-store pharmacy team or head to the booking service available online at https://www.asda.com/about/instore/pharmacy.

Appointments are available seven days a week, with a range of appointment times throughout the day.

*customers over the age of 50 can receive their flu jab after 15th October 2022.

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