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Asda’s new range of drinks and desserts hero a trending flavour – blonde chocolate!

Shoppers are going choco-nuts for Asda’s new range of blonde chocolate flavour goodies – with some saying, “this has Christmas written all over it!”

  • Shoppers can try out the latest trending flavour – blonde chocolate – with Asda’s delicious drinks and desserts range starting from just £2!
  • Tuck into a treat with the Extra Special Salted Caramel & Blonde Chocolate Choux Wreath - that one shopper claims is “the only wreath that’s needed” this Christmas
  • What’s more, there’s even a Blonde Chocolate Flavour Cream Liqueur that is perfect for festive get-togethers!
November 2, 2022 00:13pm
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Extra Special Salted Caramel & Blonde Chocolate Choux Wreath

Sweet-toothed shoppers are being wowed by Asda’s latest foodie launch – its blonde chocolate range. The trending food flavour combining silky caramel and milk chocolate notes to create an iconic combination that is luxuriously sweet and tempting!

The star of the show is Asda’s Extra Special Blonde Chocolate Flavour Cream Liqueur. Available in stores now for just £8 (70cl), the delicate caramel notes blend smoothly with Madagascan vanilla for a drink that is sure to be a hit at festive parties! Enjoy poured over ice, or why not try adding to your favourite festive cocktails for a sweeter caramel twist!

Treat guests to a showstopping dessert that tastes as good as it looks with Asda’s Extra Special Salted Caramel & Blonde Chocolate Choux Wreath (£5.50). This sweet treat wreath is filled with British cream and topped with Belgian chocolate and some shoppers have said that “this is the only wreath that’s needed” and that “this has Christmas written all over it” - what’s more it serves 8 so there will be plenty to go around.

Cooler days were made for hot cocoa, and Asda’s new edition to its Extra Special range is perfect for the colder season. The Extra Special Blonde Style Hot Chocolate (£2.75) is best enjoyed blended with warm milk for a sumptuous afternoon treat.

Also available in the range are the Tempting Blonde Caramel Cupcake Kit (£2)and Extra Special Sea Salted Caramel & Blonde Chocolate Chouxnuts (£3 for a pack of two). The ultimate ‘blonde chocolate’ dessert, the Chouxnuts are filled with a sea-salt caramel sauce and mousse, and topped with sauces made with Belgian white chocolate, caramelised white chocolate, and sea salt, and decorated with caramel flavour curls.

Give any festive dessert a creamy-caramel twist with Asda’s Extra Special Blonde Chocolate & Golden Rum Extra Thick Cream (£2.75). A thick, smooth, and luxurious eat with sweetened double cream, blonde chocolate, and golden rum. This Extra Special cream is produced using British Milk and Luxardo Golden Rum.

With 6 products available in the blonde chocolate range, fans of this latest foodie flavour trend won’t want to miss out on Asda’s latest launches!

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