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Have your 'Elf a Merry Christmas: Buddy the Elf takes centre stage in Asda's joyful Christmas campaign

Buddy the Elf still: Asda Advert

Asda and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products partner to bring Buddy the Elf back to screens this Christmas

Asda to unveil its 2022 Christmas TV advert on Friday 4th November at 8.45pm

Son of a nutcracker! Asda has introduced a very special festive colleague, and star of its 2022 Christmas campaign: Buddy the Elf, under license from Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products.

After scattering a trail of festive clues – causing fans of the 2003 movie classic to exclaim ‘I know him!’ – Christmas-loving character Buddy the Elf is confirmed as Asda’s newest seasonal recruit in its jubilant and cheer-spreading Christmas advert.

Premiering on Friday 4th November at 8.45pm on ITV1 in the Coronation Street ad break, Asda’s new 90-second Christmas TV ad uses original footage and iconic lines from the UK’s favourite Christmas film1 to place the beloved Buddy right at the heart of a bustling Asda store in the build-up to his favourite time of year, Christmas.

Set to Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town and created by merging classic film footage with newly filmed scenes, the ad charmingly captures Buddy’s wide-eyed wonder and unbridled passion for all things festive as we join him on his first day as a member of the Asda in-store Christmas team.

The film opens with a loving homage to Elf’s iconic ‘street crossing’ scene – except this time, it’s a train of Asda shopping trolleys, not a New York City cab, that causes Buddy to exclaim “sorry!” as it crashes into him. This marks the beginning of a wondrous (for Buddy), if chaotic (for everyone else) trial shift, which sees Buddy marvel at Asda’s selection of Christmas goodies including some enticing icing sugar sprinkled Extra Special mince pies, eat all the free maple pigs in blankets samples, distract colleagues with his Christmas plans, and take the chance to sing loudly over the store Tannoy system.

However, when the store closes and Buddy adds his own magic touch, decking out the entire shop floor in fairy lights and festive decorations (while re-christening the ‘elf checkouts’), it’s quickly apparent that when it comes to Christmas, Buddy and Asda are a match made in heaven. He’s got the job – and to his delight, he can stay. As he dashes – enthusiastically, of course – out of the store, he runs straight into the same shopping trolleys he encountered on his way in, causing a bemused colleague to smile, as the campaign line ‘Have your Elf a Merry Christmas’ flashes up on-screen.

Sam Dickson, Acting Chief Customer Officer at Asda says: “Like Buddy, we absolutely love Christmas – so we’re thrilled to welcome him to our team. We know this has been a tough year for so many people, which is why we want to create some little moments of joy for families this year with our Christmas campaign, and more importantly, our amazing products. We hope that with a little bit of help from Buddy, our joy-filled Christmas offering will create some festive magic and helps give families a Christmas to remember together.”

As part of its commitment to spreading Christmas cheer and making brighter moments possible for all this festive season, Asda will be giving a special festive surprise to five different community groups, to give them the chance to celebrate Christmas - that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do without the retailer’s help. Asda will also be collecting toys for children’s charities as part of its gift appeal and stores will bring festive cheer to customers with local choirs and bands playing throughout December. In addition, Asda is also introducing several initiatives to help those in need this Christmas, including Asda cafés providing a £1 meal deal for OAPs, continuing its popular kids eat for £1 deal, as well as cost-of-living grants to support community groups with increased rent and bills.

To watch the ad, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnW1TWqAXYs or tune into ITV1 at 8.45pm on Friday 4th November.