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O Donut Tree, O Donut Tree! Asda reveals festive Christmas tree-inspired donut box for just £3.50

  • The Christmas Tree Donut Box is Asda’s latest launch in its special festive product range - available now directly from the in-store bakery 
  • For just £3.50 shoppers can get a festive treat that resembles the classic image of Christmas  
  • Perfect for sharing with co-workers, family, and friends!  
November 24, 2022 10:39am
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Looking to “spruce” things up this year? Asda’s got you covered. The retailer is launching a new offering this year – a box of donuts that’s perfect for bringing Christmas cheer!

The Extra Special Christmas Tree Donut Box is just £3.50 and comes packaged with 10 delicious ring donuts, which can be arranged to create a tree-mendously festive fir tree shape.

The donuts come as an amazing alternative to high-street favourites such as Krispy Kreme. With a single donut at the high-street retailer coming in at £2.55, shoppers looking to purchase a dozen will fork over £18.95. At £3.50, it’s clear that Asda’s Christmas Tree Donut Box takes the cake… – er, donut – in terms of value.

It's not just the donuts that are a unique offering this season; the box itself is currently the only triangular-shaped donut box on the market; a packaging choice that stands out compared to the traditional rectangle boxes of other supermarkets. As the popularity of donuts only continue to rise, it’s important to think outside the box – and about it.

On social media earlier this week, users were showing excitement for the new product. One user commented, “These are really nice 😊” and another tagged a friend, saying, “for 10 bargain, ill get us some n pop in before xmas ❤️ 🎄🧑‍🎄”

Donut fans are already going wild for the tree shaped box

The yummy treats are iced in classic green and topped with festive red and white sprinkles – making them the perfect centrepiece for any festive feast. Available for a limited time only, you’ll want to pick up a box or two – the more the merrier – this holiday season.

It’s a holiday hit that will be hard to fir-get. For only £3.50/10pk, the Extra Special Christmas Tree Donut Box is available in stores now.

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