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Bigger IS better: Asda launches range of giant serving desserts in time for the big day

  • Asda has launched a range of giant desserts, perfect for sharing with groups of friends, family, or co-workers. 
  • The range includes the Giant Éclair, Giant Mince Pie, and Giant Santa Belt Donut 
  • Starting at £4.50, the desserts are available to shop in Asda stores and online now.  
December 13, 2022 02:51pm
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The bigger, the better; Asda proves the age-old adage true this year. As part of their Christmas range, the retailer has introduced three larger-than-life dessert offerings sure to excite little ones and grown-ups alike. Comprised of a Giant Eclair, Giant Mince Pie, and Giant Santa Themed Donut, these limited-edition giant desserts each serve up to six people and will bring smiles all round.

First up, there’s the Extra Special Giant Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Éclair (£7). Decadent as ever, this choux pastry éclair is filled with chocolate and caramel flavour mousse. On top, it’s coated with chocolate fondant and a caramel flavour fudge icing. To add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, the pastry is topped with a gold coloured sweet dusting. This isn’t your typical dainty dessert, however - the Giant Éclair serves up to 10 people. Bon Appetit!

If you’re after something more traditional this year, why not go for the Extra Special Giant Mince Pie (£4.50)? Encased in an orange zest infused all-butter pastry, the pie has a deliciously rich mincemeat filling infused with brandy and port for a wonderful flavour. For just £4.50, this giant dessert serves up to six people, making it perfect for any festive gathering.

There’s one last giant dessert to bring ho-ho-home this year: the Giant Santa Belt Donut (£7). The donut is filled with cream and topped with a yummy raspberry glaze – and of course, a Santa's belt. What better way to pay tribute to Old St. Nick than a giant dessert in his honour? The donut serves 4 lucky guests for £4 total.

Between the Giant Éclair, Extra Special Giant Mince Pie, and Giant Santa Belt Donut, there’s plenty to choose from when looking for that party-perfect dessert to bring to the next festive gathering. The bigger, the better and the more, the merrier.

For a limited time only, all three giant desserts are available from the bakery in Asda stores now.

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