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Asda colleagues take steps in career progression

February 9, 2023 10:02am
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Colleagues in Asda’s Leigh store are taking their first step into apprenticeships as they look to progress their careers.

Eleven hourly paid colleagues have just started a 12 month Customer Service Specialist Level 3 apprenticeship ‘Sales Through Service’ which helps them think about how they can improve the customer experience in store. It requires them to not just think about their area of the store in isolation but to understand the whole customer journey- opening up new areas of opportunity to upskill The new pilot programme is being delivered by Instep UK Ltd and it is hoped should this prove successful we would extend and potentially roll out further to other stores.

Sharon Hadgraft, a manager at the Leigh store, said: “It has generated a lot of interest and there are lots who want the progression so there is lots of interest and excitement.”

There are a mix of colleagues taking part in the pilot- established long serving colleagues, newly appointed Section Leaders, and colleagues looking to progress to Section Leader and a mix of full time and part time

Mick Maguire, the Leigh store manager, said: “The value in an apprenticeship is that it is for any age. It is about improving your knowledge to make yourself better and grow within the business.”

Asda also continues to invest to develop leaders of the future. Last year, 96 female colleagues completed one of the supermarket’s apprenticeship programme and gained experience of working in a number of different roles before deciding which area to specialise in.

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