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Asda Mobile DROPS price of pay as you go bundles as millions of consumers face mid contract price rises

Asda has today announced it is reducing the cost of its fastest unlimited pay as you go mobile bundle deals, for both new and existing customers.

March 31, 2023 11:59am
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  • Customers that were paying £30 per month for unlimited data at 150Mbps, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts will now pay £24 with no commitment,
  • Customers paying £25 per month for unlimited data at 10Mbps, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts will now pay £22 with no commitment.

The move comes as millions of mobile users across the UK faced mid-contract price rises of up to 17.3% from 1st April.

Commenting on the deal, Claire Cragg, Head of Asda mobile said:

“Insight from our Asda income tracker released this week highlights just how much price rises are impacting households. The data show that 40% of the UK’s 28m households* had negative discretionary income last month, meaning their take home pay doesn’t cover the cost of their bills.

“At Asda, we’re committed to providing our customers with incredible value, helping them find more ways to save. Our Asda Mobile offering is no different, which is why we’re pleased to be reducing the costs of our unlimited bundles at a time when customers are facing steep increases in costs in all areas of their lives.”

Customers have been quick to snap up the offer. Asda has seen an 83% increase in overall orders of its unlimited bundles since launch and a 300% increase** on orders of the new £24 unlimited bundle (previously £30).

With prices starting from £4 for talk and text bundles, Asda Mobile, powered by Vodafone, offers 99% coverage of the population.


*Statistic taken as 40% of 28m households from the Office of National Statistics - https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/families/bulletins/familiesandhouseholds/2021

**Sales data from 13th March – 29th March

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