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Asda reintroduces £5 ‘First Scan Bonus’ after customers earn millions

April 13, 2023 01:14pm
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  • Asda customers earned over £2 million when the ‘First Scan Bonus’ was first introduced in February
  • Customers who download and sign up to Asda Rewards for the first time will receive a free £5 in their Cashpot

Following the success of the ‘First Scan Bonus’ in February, Asda is reintroducing the offer this month for first time users of Asda Rewards.

Hundreds of thousands of Asda customers benefited from the offer in February, with over £2 million earned through using the popular Rewards app.

New users can once again take advantage of the ‘First Scan Bonus’ by simply downloading Asda Rewards, signing up for an account, and scanning the app for the first time to receive £5 in their Cashpot.

The ‘First Scan Bonus’ will run from Wednesday 12th April until Wednesday 3rd May, available both in-store and online with no minimum spend required.

Customers who have previously downloaded the app but are yet to scan for the first time, will also benefit from the bonus.

Asda Rewards provides relevant offers to customers and the experience is personalised to the individual customer to maximise the value that they can get back when they shop at Asda.

Since Asda Rewards launched last August, Asda has continually assessed how customers shop with the aim of providing a more tailored experience.

At the start of April, Asda increased the number of personalised missions that users will have access to. Customers will see an evolution of their offers within the app over time based on how they use it.

Customers can also expect new Missions and Star Products every week and for events such as the King’s Coronation and Half-Term, to help grow their Cashpot.

Vouchers can be created with as little as £1. With the maximum voucher amount at £100, there are plenty of ways that customers can utilise their Cashpot.

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