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A right royal party: Asda launches new Coronation-themed bakery range

  • Asda launches new range of Coronation-themed bakery products, starting from 65p
  • Standout products include the beautiful Coronation Celebration Cake (£12), novelty Coronation Cake Jar (£2.80) and 12 person Coronation Giant Cookie (£7.50)
  • All products are available in store from 27th April until 18th May.
April 25, 2023 09:24am
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For this year’s celebrations, Asda is rolling out a new range of bakery products that are truly fit for royalty. From reimagined classics such as the cake jar to new products like the crown-adorned crumpets, there’s a bakery treat for everyone to enjoy on the big day.

First up is the Coronation Letty Character Cake (£7). The beloved caterpillar gets a royal makeover for the big day, complete with a crown, purple robe, and patriotic sprinkles. The scrummy chocolate sponge cake is filled with chocolate flavour buttercream for an indulgent treat.

Next is the Coronation Celebration Cake (£12), which serves 18 - making it perfect for whatever party shoppers have planned. The beautiful madeira sponge cake is filled with vanilla frosting and British strawberry jam and topped with union jack plaques and edible crowns - the ideal choice for a celebratory slice. For those on-the-go, the same cake is available in the form of the Coronation Cake Jar (£2.80).

Is there such a thing as too much cake? Another addition to the range is the Coronation Tray Bake (£6.50), comprising of vanilla flavoured sponge, topped with a decadent clotted cream ganache frosting and finished with crown-shaped sugar decorations.

Can’t let cake take up all the room on the throne, which is why Asda’s Coronation range features two cookie options. For those who believe bigger is better, the Coronation Giant Cookie (£7.50) is the answer. The vegan dessert is a dark chocolate chip cookie decked out with coloured sprinkles and inscribed with “A Right Royal Party” in white frosting. The cookie serves 12 and is sure to delight each and every one. For a smaller delight, the Gingerbread Coronation Crown (65p) piped with regal purple icing is sure to go down a treat.

Searching for something less sweet? The Bakery at Asda is also releasing Coronation Crumpets (£1.45/6pk) with a crown-shaped imprint, and Giant (King Sized) Brioche Burger Buns (£1.50/2pk) and Giant (King Sized) Brioche Hot Dog Buns (£1.50/2pk) to accompany king-sized patties and sausages for the ultimate street party barbeque.

For a completely custom cake offering, there is the Coronation Photo Cake - a truly unique and memorable way to mark the day. Shoppers can upload a photo of their choice and the image is printed onto a cake while they wait. Available in either plain sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam or chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, the Coronation Photo Cake comes in two sizes: small (£15) which serves 22**,** and large (£19) which serves 40. This unique dessert is perfect for large celebrations, and customers will be able to add a royal frame or a celebratory Coronation logo to their image on the cake, marking the occasion in a fun and festive way. The Coronation Photo Cake is available in-store only from 27th April.

All products are available to shop in-store and online from 27th April and will be available until 18th May. To learn more, visit an Asda store or www.asda.com

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