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Take a trip down memory lane: Shoppers go wild for Asda's school cakes

  • Social media users rave about one of the latest Asda bakery aisle editions, the BAKERY at ASDA 4 Sweet Treat School Cakes – with users tagging friends and sharing their excitement online
  • The nostalgic sweet treat is bringing old friends together as shoppers talk about their school days and the favourite dessert of their childhoods
  • Packets of the ‘throwback’ internet sensation are available in stores now.
May 31, 2023 09:50am
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For those looking to reminisce on their younger years, look no further than Asda’s viral school cakes – shoppers can’t stop raving about them.

Since hitting the shelves, The Bakery at Asda 4 School Cakes have taken centre stage on social media with countless likes, comments, shares and users tagging their friends in excitement.

One user said: “This was one of my favourite desserts in primary school,” with another adding “Need pink custard to go with it, then I’d definitely be 8 year[s] old again.” Shoppers can’t wait to try them either with countless people tagging their friends and family to ensure they don’t miss out on one of their childhood favourites: “there are a must try 😍,” “I gotta go to Asda when I get paid again 🥹😂 and “we need to get some of [these]”

The excitement didn’t stop at social media either with it being the most searched for product on asda.com last week.

Available in Asda’s Bakery aisle for just £2.00, the sweet treats consist of four vanilla flavour sponges topped with vanilla flavour icing and coloured sugar decorations.

An Asda spokesperson said: “We love to find new ways to connect with our customers and this latest innovation is no different. It’s great that so many people are experiencing the nostalgia of school cakes and able to reminisce on their school years with old friends, I for one LOVED them with custard.”

The BAKERY at Asda treats don’t stop at school cakes either, with other products proving a hit with users such as the BAKERY at ASDA Battenburg cupcakes – another one that screams nostalgia.

Be sure to hit Asda’s bakery aisle soon to try these viral school cakes, and other deliciously exciting The BAKERY at ASDA products for yourselves – shop in store and online now.

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