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Asda customers earn over £100m through popular Rewards app

June 8, 2023 09:42am
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Asda has today announced that customers using its popular Rewards app have earned over £100m in Cashpots this year.

Rewards provides customers with the chance to earn pounds, rather than points, each time they purchase certain products or complete a milestone mission.

Nearly five million customers now use the app every month and have been growing their Cashpots to help reduce their grocery bill, earning over £100m in total so far this year.

Asda customers in Scotland are high earners, with customers across the country having received a total of over £13.5 million back into their Cashpots.

Customers in the South are also taking advantage of the Rewards scheme, with London alone earning over £4.8m into their Cashpots.

Customers looking to get ahead of the back to school rush can now also take advantage of the Back to School boost on the app. Customers who convert their Cashpots into vouchers to spend on school uniform or shoes before 18th June will get 33% back in voucher value.

The Back to School boost voucher can be created by selecting the ‘spend’ tab in the app and clicking on ‘create rewards voucher.’ If customers choose to use £15 from their Cashpot on school uniform, a £20 voucher will be added to their wallet which can be redeemed instore.

Since the app launched, Asda has continually assessed how customers shop with the aim of providing a more tailored experience.

Asda recently increased the number of personalised missions that users will have access to. Customers will see an evolution of their offers within the app over time based on how they use it.

To get started on Rewards, customers need to download the Asda Rewards app and log in with - or create - an Asda Groceries account.

Mark Baxter, Senior Director for Loyalty at Asda, said: “We’re really pleased to see that Rewards users are continuing to benefit from using the app. This milestone shows that by earning pounds and building their Cashpots, our customers are being rewarded for simply shopping with Asda.”

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