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Asda launches 47 new products into its Food-to-go range, including deli-style sandwiches, wraps and salads with globally-inspired flavours

July 31, 2023 08:32pm
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  • Asda launches an impressive 47 new lines and 18 quality-improved lines into its new, modern look and feel Food-to-go range, available now in-store and on Asda.com

  • The range is influenced by global food trends, including American deli-style sandwiches and salads, classic Italian pasta, sushi packs and Asian-inspired wraps

  • All products in the new range can be purchased in Asda’s meal deal (mix and match 3 for 2, cheapest item free)

When it comes to lunchtime, customers are looking for breadth of choice, good quality ingredients and inspiring flavours – all at an affordable price.

The new food-to-go range at Asda answers these customer needs, with over 47 new products to choose from, including an elevated offering of deli-style sandwiches and salads, packed with on-trend and classic fillings. The range also includes a variety of thick sub rolls, forever-favourite pasta dishes and deli-style wraps, along with 19 new snacking lines.

Customers who choose to purchase any of the new food-to-go range as part of Asda’s competitive meal deal, will have hundreds of potential combinations to choose from, starting from as little as £2.20 for a sandwich, snack and drink.  

The new deli-style offering within the range brings to life one of the key trends Asda’s Senior Director of Food Trends and Innovation, Jonathan Moore, outlined in the retailer’s Trend Book 23/24, which pinpoints what will drive its product development over the coming year. ‘Sandwiches 2.0’ sees sandwiches going to the next level with overloaded fillings and global inspirations, which is what the new deli-style line offers. One of these is the Pastrami & Emmental New York Style Deli **(£3.50) **which is expected to be a firm favourite. Layered with sliced pastrami, Emmental cheese and sauerkraut cabbage, it’s topped with an American mustard mayo and gherkins packed between thick rye bread.

The Chicken, Mozzarella and Slow-roasted Tomato Deli Sandwich (£3.50) is an elevated classic within the new range. Packed with chicken, slow roasted tomatoes, gherkins, French-style mayo, mozzarella, flame-roasted tomato chutney and topped with tomatoes and rocket, the tasty lunchtime treat is held together by thick white bread.

Another premium offering is the Beef and Chutney Deli Sandwich (£3.50). A bold fusion of rare roasted beef and cocktail tomatoes, paired with ale and onion chutney, a Japanese umami-style mayo and a cheese mayo mix.

Increasing vegetarian options within the range, the **Falafel & Houmous Wrap (£3.50), **the Slow Roast Tomato & Feta pasta (£2.50) and **3 Bean & Cheese Wrap **(£2.85) are perfect for those who are more meat conscious.

The deli-style range extends to salads, with a standout product expected to be the Chicken and Red Pepper Hummus Grain Deli Salad (£4.00). It features marinated chicken with mixed grains, pickled cabbage and carrot, red pepper houmous and finished with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.

Responding to growth in popularity of Korean and Japanese food over the last year, also outlined in Asda’s Trend Book 23/24 and continuing with Asda’s popular Indian-inspired offering, the new **Indian Masala Wrap **(£3.50), Katsu Chicken Wrap (£3.50) and **Chicken Tikka Sub (£3.50), **along with the Vegetable Sushi Snack Pack (£1.50) and **Topped Katsu & Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Pack **(£4.00) are expected to be popular with foodies who want a taste of Asia.

Joanna Johnson, Senior Manager of Asda Own Brand, comments on the new launch: “With a huge choice of on-trend flavours and variety of options, Asda’s new Food-to-go range offers customers high-quality and inspiration, at affordable prices.

“The offering delivers on exactly what customers are looking for, when they want a lunchtime treat; sandwiches and wraps packed with premium fillings, flavours and ingredients that excite and inspire, plus a variety of snacks and sides to choose from.

“Across the extensive range, we have options that align with Asda’s Live Better criteria, to ensure customers have options to choose from that provide 1 of your 5 a day, or are high in protein, a source of fibre and low in saturated fats.”

All products in the new Food-to-go range are available now, in-store and online, and can be purchased as part of Asda’s meal deal (mix and match 3 for 2, cheapest item free).

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