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Asda to display daily fuel prices online

August 2, 2023 09:14pm
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Asda has today become the first supermarket to publish local fuel prices online allowing motorists to check the price of petrol or diesel before they get in their car.

The supermarket has confirmed that fuel prices at each filling station will be available alongside other key information on the Asda Store Locator pages https://storelocator.asda.com/

The latest fuel prices will be available on the store locator page at 10.30am each morning and will show the previous day’s closing price. Asda is continuing to develop a system that will show real-time pricing and expects this to be in place in the coming months.

Asda is also continuing to work collaboratively with the Government as they develop an industry-wide fuel finder scheme.

Asda spokesperson: “Asda is proud to be the price leader in the fuel and by sharing our prices online customers will be able to find the best value at the pumps before they get in the car.”

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