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September 26, 2023 07:38pm
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Lemon cake
Lemon cake

Asda reveals results of independent taste tests against M&S

  • 100’s of Asda products voted ‘as tasty or ‘tastier than’ M&S products in thousands of independent blind taste tests

  • Standout products include Extra Special British Aberdeen Angus Ribeye Steak, Extra Special Lemon Drizzle Cake and Extra Special Madagascan Tiger Prawns

Why compromise on great taste when trying to save on the weekly shop? Asda’s answer: you don’t have to.
In thousands of blind taste tests1, hundreds of independent testers compared Asda products to their M&S equivalents. The results revealed that hundreds of Asda’s products were voted ‘as tasty’ or ‘tastier than M&S,’ but at a fraction of the price.

This isn’t just food, it’s M&S taste, at an Asda price - proving that great tasting products don’t necessarily need to cost more. All products in Taste Match are better value than the same items at M&S, a retailer that has a long-standing reputation for great quality food.

Asda embarked on its Taste Test journey in July, when it nominated a series of stellar products for blind taste testing against luxury retailers including Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, and Harvey Nichols.

Following results that showed an array of Asda products standing up against their luxury counterparts, the supermarket has continued to deliver on its commitment to great quality and taste, while reassuring on price, through the launch of its M&S Taste Match campaign.

See below for some of the standout products from the taste testing.

To learn more, visit Asda.com/TasteMatch.

Breakfast bliss 


Extra Special Sourdough Crumpets

The Extra Special Sourdough Crumpets (£1.00/6pk) go down a treat (vs M&S 6 Ultimate Crumpets Made with Sourdough, £1.50), and pair perfectly with the crispy Asda’s **Butcher’s Selection Unsmoked Bacon **(£2.25) (vs M&S £2.80).

Cheese o’clock 

A French favourite, Asda’s Camembert (£2.00) proved as tasty as its M&S counterpart (M&S Camembert Cheese, £2.90). The smooth and buttery round pairs delightfully with an Extra Special Marmalade.

Dinner is served

The Extra Special Madagascan Tiger Prawns (£5.00) are plump and perfect for a Gambas Pil Pil, served with a baguette and Asda’s smooth Marques Del Norte Rioja Gran Reserva (£12.00* until 15th November) (vs M&S Collection Rioja Gran Reserva El Duque de Miralta, £16.00). The prawns were voted tastier than those of M&S and are less than half the price. (M&S Collection Madagascan Extra Large Black Tiger Prawns, £11.00) - making them some seriously sizzling shellfish. Fancy something lighter? The delicate and buttery Seabass Fillet (£3.50) is another taste test-approved option (vs M&S Mediterranean Skin On & Boneless 2 Sea Bass Fillets, £5.00), perfect for a Friday supper.


Ready to raise the steaks

Ready to raise the steaks - literally? The pan-fried thick cut Extra Special British Aberdeen Angus Ribeye Steak (£7.50) is dry-aged on the bone for 30 days for depth of flavour which proved to be tastier than the M&S equivalent (M&S Collection British Ribeye Steak Salt Dry Aged 30 Days, £10.00). Perfect served with chips and a rocket & parmesan salad, take steak night to new heights and save 25% by shopping at Asda too!

The perfect dinner pairing, white wine fans can enjoy a crisp, cool sip of the **Tuki Tuki Sauvignon Blanc **(£8.00) (vs M&S Classics No. 39 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, £10.00).

And last but not least, a meal wouldn’t be complete without a show stopping dessert; Asda’s **Extra Special Lemon Drizzle Cake **is made with zesty lemon curd with a Sicilian Lemon infused sponge. What’s more, the cake will be reduced to only £2* until 29th October, meaning customers can save over 40% when shopping at Asda compared to M&S (vs M&S Lemon Drizzle Cake, £3.65).

To learn more, visit Asda.com/TasteMatch.


1  Independent tests September 2023. For verification see Asda.com/tastematch

*Promotional prices included.

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